Tips To Achieving The Perfect Headshots with Models Direct

The focus of a headshot photograph is just the persons face, it’s a critical part of a portfolio for a model, actor and all performance professionals. A good headshot picture can really be a deal breaker when it comes to a client selecting you or not.

So how can you make sure you have the perfect headshots on your portfolio? Here are some top tips from the Models Direct team:

  1. When you look at a headshot picture you are automatically drawn to the persons eyes, so make sure they are sharp, bright and expressive. If captured in a powerful way it will draw the viewer in!
  2. Ideally you will have a variety of headshots on your portfolio to show different facial expressions and how diverse your look can be, for example a natural smile, serious look and a thoughtful look, all should be as natural as possible.
  3. When working with a photographer to create your headshots it’s important to remember angles, this can make a big difference to the overall appearance of the image. For a female it is better if the photographer shoots from above you so your eyes appear bigger and your face more delicate and for a male the photographer should shoot slightly upwards to emphasise strength and achievement.
  4. It’s very important to make sure your face stands out from the background. This will come down to the photographers skill, but also you can ensure that their is a clear background to the shot.

Have good headshots on your portfolio for Models Direct to represent you with really can make the difference of being selected or not being selected, it’s a competitive industry and so sell yourself to the best of your ability with great pictures!