Modelling with your family

Families are the cornerstone of modern life. Watching children mature and develop alongside older family members is enjoyed by millions throughout the world. The memories created by loving families can last forever, and often do.

A family’s relationship is a huge selling point for a brand’s marketing strategy. Group bookings are often employed to convey a stable environment – one of comfort and good vibes. Families represent an image that encompasses all ages. They can also include people from different backgrounds and with different looks and styles. There are no restrictions when it comes to family modelling. Assignments are enjoyed by all family members, and they can even double-up as an unforgettable holiday – just ask the Golding family, who were picked by Oliver Travels for a 4-day shoot in the South of France. This job alone should encourage families to think about modelling.

Over the years we’ve placed hundreds of families in the best modelling jobs on behalf of our clients. Families have a variety of looks that a lot of our clients are looking for. From toddlers through to children and teens, to loving adults and doting grandparents, families are a safe bet to appeal to every household.

It’s not surprising that many industries choose families for their modelling needs. Though we have clients that represent every major sector, there are perhaps three main types of business in which families are most often utilised:

  • Hospitality – Families are essential for shoots in pubs, restaurants and hotels. The feel-good factor that happy families can generate is a huge plus for hospitality companies competing with each other. Individuals have been used, but families are more valuable to hospitality chains for certain times, especially over Christmas and school holidays.
  • Leisure / holiday – City breaks for couples remain as popular as ever, but there’s no substitute for a well-deserved traditional family holiday. Whether it’s a UK break at a relaxing holiday park or a sun-kissed adventure enjoyed by the aforementioned Golding family, the opportunities for adventurous families are limitless.
  • Retail, especially supermarkets and large-scale chains – Where would households be without weekly family shopping? A quick look at TV commercials and social media posts / newspaper adverts suggests that most renowned retailers are vying for more custom by experimenting with prices, family deals and quality of products. Some of our clients cater for millions of customers, so real-life commercial models are vital to gain favour of new customers and to keep existing ones. Take our recent Morrisons campaign, where the House family promoted a Kellogg’s Breakfast Club at Morrisons. It was a phenomenal success, bringing the Houses together for a shoot that raised customer awareness and increased Morrisons’s customer footfall. Job done.

We often get asked by families if experienced is needed. The answer is a resounding “No”. Families need to have a healthy relationship and enjoy each other’s company, but experience is not needed. We’ve placed hundreds of first-time modelling families with our clients, which has given them the desire to accept even more work should the client choose them.

If you’re a forward-thinking family that wants to display acting skills for professional photographers and film-makers, Models Direct is your very chance of making it happen.

Here’s the first step to make it a reality: the application form. If we choose to represent you, you would be put forward to any suitable family modelling jobs, and we can’t wait to give you the good news should clients choose your collective family talents.