How does my baby get selected for modelling work?

An important part of the Models Direct selection process is for models and parents to understand that our clients choose the models they want. Our booking team are experts at knowing which models to recommend based on the client’s brief, but it’s always been the client’s final decision. Parents need to remember this, and we can’t stress it enough.

A client’s brief differs with each assignment. With baby modelling, age is perhaps not as important as looks and character. Some brands look for young babies, whilst others need older toddlers; some prefer babies with thick curly locks, and others may be searching for toddlers with adorable toothy smiles. A baby’s image is paramount for all assignments. Click here for examples of what are clients are looking for.

Most babies have the “cute look” pretty much nailed down. Any baby registered with us has the potential to work their magic on modelling sets; by applying to us babies will be in the best position to be seen by clients requiring models for their marketing campaigns. Hundreds of proud parents have enjoyed their baby’s success  with some of the most famous brands around, from Pampers and Mamas & Papas to Next and Channel 4. 

If there are any keen television watchers reading this, you may have seen twin babies Megan and Laura posing with cast members of Eastenders on the front cover of the TV Times and TV Choice. Just think how many people would have set their eyes on the adorable duo…and all because they had the right looks. As the premier modelling agency in the UK, we had the pleasure of recommending Megan and Laura to the decision-makers. The rest is history.

And that is the essence of how babies get chosen for modelling work. If you apply to us (taking just two minutes, including uploading two clear photos), and are chosen to be represented, your baby will be “active” on our booking system. We receive hundreds of requests for commercial models of all ages and looks, children and babies have remained extremely popular with our clients. The chances of any of our registered models being chosen for work is greatly increased by being an active Models Direct model. We have the booking team at our HQ, and we have the contacts that make modelling dreams come true. The fact that our clients approach us in the first instance is a testament to our years of expertise and know-how.

When our professional booking team studies a client’s brief, e.g. “Baby models aged 4 months – 1 year required for a toy brand promo shoot”, they:

  • Select the best-fit models based on the specifics of the brief. This is similar to a shortlist.

Our team then:

  • Sends the client the details of the shortlisted models, including a model’s images on their portfolio.

After this:

  • The client takes look at all shortlisted models, and they inform us of their preferred model.

We’ll then contact the model with the good news.

This is how all our models generally get selected, and it’s been a tried-and-true process for many years.

Parents – please don’t forget to keep your baby’s portfolio updated. Clients need to know all model’s latest looks. The more accurate a portfolio can be maintained, the even more chance they’ll get the nod come selection time.