Models Direct’s Top Tips for Taking Summer Photos & Videos

Ah, it’s summertime again — bring on the fun season of sun-kissed cheeks, sandy toes, and longer daylight hours. There are so many things to plan and so much to do! Grab those flip-flops, your beach towel, sunscreen and shades because MD are about to write about all the great tips we recommend to our would-be and existing models when taking the perfect summer pics and videos. Let’s go!

Heard of the golden hour magic?

Just in case you haven’t, this is one of the best times to take awesome snaps – just after sunrise or before sunset. The kaleidoscopic hues are a remarkable warm addition to your selfies. You can always search for your local sunrise and sunset times because the golden hour has quite a short period to catch. It’s usually around 60 minutes post-sunrise and 60 minutes pre-sunset, so set those alarms!

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Capture summer fun

There’s no better time than soaking in the sun and having fun wherever you are – just don’t forget to your fully charged mobile so your viewer can share the moments you’re experiencing. There are lots of summer activities to get involved in like playing sports outdoors, attending music festivals and exploring the latest pop-up exhibitions, because once they’re done, they’re gone. Do whatever tickles your fancy! Stuck for ideas? There’s lots online to dig into or you can check out YT videos or Tiktok for extra inspo.

Splash around

Water is a beautiful element to incorporate into your collection of images. Having a dip in the pool with family or friends, chilling on the beach or sitting beside a lake for a natural backdrop are great ideas to set the scene for your snaps.

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Natural beauty

With lush greenery flourishing and spectacular foliage dominating gardens, parks and forests, at this time of year, you can recreate the beautiful atmosphere around you for your must-have summer-inspired images. Have plants poking out in the background, or vice versa! You can use green to frame your picture too.

Don’t forget to…

Include your beach balls, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream and salad dishes!

Get your photo and video editing skills in gear this summer. Remember to enjoy yourself and let your imagination shine!