Could you appear on our YouTube channel?

As models, you should be confident and always looking for ways to improve your chances of more work – as well as enhancing your portfolio.

Even if you’re an aspiring model with no work under your belt, having the confidence to appear in social media clips is a real boost, and could pay dividends in the long run.

But is it too early to appear on screen? Well…some work involves our models taking centre stage in front of cameras, with the end product possibly ending up on TV or in clips to entice customers; it depends on what our clients are looking for, of course, but the possibility of appearing on screen when you’re on our books is indeed very real.

Even though we’d love to see you on screen on behalf of our clients, what is more realistic is appearing on our YouTube channel. Just think of the exposure models can create when thousands of viewers can see a variety of clips from experienced and aspiring talent! YouTube has been around for nearly three decades now, and it remains one of the most important outlets to get your name out there. We’re sure most of you in “modelling land” are keen users of this prolific video sharing platform, so it’d be a valuable asset for you to send us your unique reels so we can see what you have to offer. Who knows – you could be starring on our soaring YouTube channel before you know it!  

Any media platform is a promotion – assuming, of course, that it is there to be seen. As we’ve reiterated, our job as a top modelling agency is to assess which models we feel will help our clients, then we let our clients know which models have been “shortlisted” so they can make the final selection decision. With this in mind, appearing on our YouTube channel could fast-track models to the attention of our clients. This first-hand publicity cannot be underestimated.

Our clients like to know the basic operations of modelling as it helps them in their business. Therefore, it’d be to their advantage to scan our YouTube channel to see how our models react to being on camera. The questions clients ask themselves about our YouTube models might be:

·       Are they confident enough to star in our next big campaign?

·       What individual talents do they have?

·       What separates them from the rest of the bunch?

·       Would their modelling attributes effectively appeal to our customers?

Showing off your modelling acumen on YouTube is a perfect way of introducing yourself to the world, and we encourage everyone to send in reels, clips, intros so we can take a peek and upload them.

Actors, singers and musicians are welcome, too! This is everyone’s chance to spread their wings and be seen by everyone with an interest in the modelling world.

Our YouTube channel could be your ticket into our wonderful industry. So… get cracking and send in your films and clips. You’ve got nothing to lose!