Calling Everyday Models – We Need You!

Yes, we do!

As you know, our modelling agency covers a slew of modelling categories. We’re talking pregnancy modelling all the way through to mature modelling. Then it’s all about the modelling divisions – commercial, catalogue, and promotional as a few examples. But when it comes down to who clients need to front these areas, it’s a more authentic perspective.

Everyday models – a wide spectrum of marketing

That’s right! Companies – whether that’s start-ups or industry giants – need everyday models to help promote their services and products because they represent a realistic vision of the demographics.

Who are everyday models?

Ordinary people like me and you! This modelling category is accessible and inclusive for all, especially with MD because we want everyone to apply and try their hand at this part-time career.

Using everyday models can help produce more relatable marketing campaigns that resonate with our diverse population so the question arises: why wouldn’t clients use them?

If you start looking closer, you’ll see everyday models everywhere. It’s all about awareness. Like with everything in life, once you’re conscious, you become more open. Scrolling on your device, you’ll see plenty of ads pop up spanning all industries – entertainment, technology, lifestyle, healthcare, education, transportation and so on, and where you see humans and animals, you’re looking straight at those everyday models who have been booked and paid to be part of the advertising.

Becoming one is simpler than you think too! All you have to do is hit our join button, fill in your details and we’ll get the ball rolling. All our models are regular people who probably thought that a modelling career could never happen for them.

We’ll take you on a mini journey to see our latest bookings with our everyday models so you can see what they’ve been up to!

Our newly added female model, Nathalie on her Greene King Manchester experience (12th February 2024):

“Recently did a campaign shoot booked via. Models Direct – not to mention my first-ever shoot!

Instructions and all communication before the shoot were great – Gemma was super supportive!

During the shoot, it was cool to see the “behind the scenes” when they were shooting other models and get a sense of how shoots like these work.

I was working alongside 15 other models, meeting new people in the same boat as you – this helped make the experience more comfortable and a lot of fun!

Overall, it was a cool and fun experience that I can now add to my portfolio.”

Gary, our first-time male model, took part in a Spacelabs Healthcare campaign for a promo shoot and video in Hertford to demonstrate how to apply their ECG equipment. He left this wonderful review of his 8th of February experience:

“Initially I was nervous as this was going to be my first proper model assignment. I had received full information about the shoot and Gemma from Models Direct had called me a few days before to go through the itinerary which put me at ease. The client was great they were very welcoming and made me comfortable.

It was a great experience to see how the photographer Rob set up the cameras and lights and interacted with me with a storyboard highlighting what they would be videoing and photographing throughout the day. It was also great to be able to add input during the shoot adding extras which the client and photographer were more than happy to go with.

The feedback I received back from the client on the day of the shoot was very positive with they remarked that they would love to use me again if required.”

Be inspired. Be ready for change, adventure and new skills. Be an everyday model with Models Direct.