5 Beauty Bloggers You Should be Following

Models Direct are always on the lookout for all things related to the modelling world that’ll interest our readers. We’ve recently been hunting down popular beauty bloggers because it’s pretty clear that having clear skin and knowing your stuff about the art of makeup will give you a head’s up in the modelling industry… 

As we’re still in lockdown, we’re guessing that you may have more time on your hands and what better way to use it than to check out these favourite bloggers and their awesome beauty secrets. 

We know that there are literally millions of beauty bloggers out there on the digital platform, but our selected ladies are up there in the industry with their insider knowledge and must-know recommendations. Ladies, hats off to you and your wondrous advice that we always love listening and reading. Here we go!

1. Ruth Crilly 


We’d like to start our list off with a fashion model and who other than Ruth Crilly would be the best to pick out of a large bunch of expert bloggers. With a strong modelling career, A Model Recommends is a master blogger for beauty (and parenting). With her wealth of experience, you’ll know you want to be listening to her advice no matter what! She knows the ins and outs of the industry with valuable insider info that’s not to be missed. 

2. Pixiwoo



Makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman have made a definitive mark with their intricate video tutorials and helpful posts for a behind-the-scenes take on beauty – it’s all about the products and techniques. Starting out in 2008 with their YouTube vids, we love these sisters as they’re charismatic, create trending looks, have their own Real Techniques brush collection, AND the editors of their own digital magazine. Phew, these ladies are really at the top of the game!

3. Lisa Eldridge


Lisa Eldridge is a sensational makeup artist who made her first break working with Cindy Crawford. Going from strength to strength, her demos and blogs are a must-see for beauty junkies who are particularly funnelling their way through fresh-faced makeup looks. 

4. Really Ree


Ree never thought her blogs would reach the number of people that it has. She has a large following and is now one of the top beauty bloggers in the UK. Ree knows all about makeup, haircare and fragrances with the latest reviews on what’s hot. 

5. Caroline Hirons 


We love Caroline because she is beauty savvy and knows all there is to know about skincare and those complexion woes. Her knowledge is extensive, and she finds effective ways to find solutions to diverse skin problems. #CarolineHironsMadeMeDoIt puts it in a nutshell!

And there you have it folks! If you’re teen models, female models, male models, mature models, whatever size, whatever style, be sure to check these expert bloggers out when you get the chance!