What sort of pictures would you like to see of me?

One of the greatest aspects of commercial modelling is the sheer range of diversity – both in the number of assignments and characteristics of our models. It’s certainly true that no two days are the same. How can they be? All our models are different (ages, looks, geographical locations, gender), and client requests can be influenced by current trends and popularity of products. When our booking team arrive at Models Direct HQ, they know that just about anything may crop up to put their skills to the test (after consumption of strong coffee, naturally). To say that we’re involved in a monotonous industry is like saying Madonna is a little bit shy!

It stands to reason that photos required by us are just as varied. Before you submit a new application – or renew your ePortfolio – ask yourself the key question: “What truly reflects my looks and personality?” An accurate resemblance in pictures is the best way to secure being seen by the decision makers – i.e. our clients. Why submit every photo with your beautifully crafted tattoos covered up? Body art could be exactly what are clients are looking for! Fancy a trip to the hairdressers for a more modern bob? Go for it – but don’t forget to update your portfolio to reflect your transformation.

That’s not to say we need pictures with every single cosmetic enhancement. If you’re experimenting with makeup, eye shadow or jewellery, we hope it suits you down to the ground, but we don’t require updated pictures to highlight these temporary adjustments.

So, we need pictures that accurately represent your styles and looks. We also need updated pictures to reflect a change in seasons. For example, would you update your ePortfolio in October with a stunning photo of you decked out in a shorts & T-shirt, or flip-flops and beachwear? Probably not – best to keep to current trends and save them for the spring in anticipation of the summer ahead. Always have a clear reason why you’re updating pictures.

All initial pictures should be:
• Clear headshots.
• Against a neutral background.
• A preferred height : width ratio of 5:4.
• Free from extra clothing, such as hats or scarves.
• Devoid of heavy makeup.

If you’re not applying with us for the first time, we encourage everyone to modernise their existing portfolio with other types of pictures, but only if they don’t detract from your true looks and talents. Don’t be afraid to conceal your true body – there’s no such thing as a “typical” commercial model, and individuals of all heights, weights and ages are being chosen by clients as you read this! Like we say – diversity is crucial to our business.

Have a quick look at our job board to give you a feel of the types of models being sought after: If you see any current trends, by all means adjust new pictures to entice us.

Oh, and if you’re the proud owner of an exceptionally talented dog, cat or any pet that enjoys reading, we’re always on the lookout for our new StarPets, so please do encourage them to register and send in their photos (or just send them yourself – whichever is easiest!)