Summer sizzlers

It’s well and truly BBQ season…Models Direct share their top tips to BBQ’ing in style..

You can’t beat the smell of a BBQ, it makes you feel like Summer has properly arrived! There’s something about cooking outdoors, sunshine, friends, laughter and good food, it’s a recipe we all know and love.

From cheap disposable models and makeshift designs involving bricks and grills to luxury high-end devices with the intensity of a small power station, barbecues are a wonderful excuse to get together with friends, sink a few cold ones and wear ridiculous comedy aprons (you know who you are!)

With social distancing rules eased and the summer sunshine here, it’s the perfect time to invite a few close friends or family members over (still keeping to social distancing rules) and enjoy the familiar smells and flavours the BBQ offers.

Models Direct have put together a few tips for all you BBQ-lovers to ensure your next family BBQ is one to remember!

1. Arrival – As relaxed as they are, treat barbecues as a “proper” party. Don’t arrive on time – arrive fashionably late by a quarter of an hour, just to allow your hosts some precious minutes in the event of any last-minute hassles. If you’re hosting, you’ll thank your guests for it. 

2. Food – Most people don’t pre-cook barbecue food prior to their guests’ arrival. Barbecues are seen as theatre, with the spatula-wielding cook as the focal point. The great thing about barbecues is the relaxed atmosphere and the social aspect when the food is on the grill. By all means bring a couple of burgers as a gesture, although the host should have a good supply. Think ahead and determine if they’ll be any vegetarians / vegans in attendance. 

3. Fashion – Wear what you feel comfortable in, although shades, hats and ankle socks are all good options. Think about clothes that may need dry cleaning due to barbecue smoke – it’s better to leave your best threads at home (you’ll thank yourself for doing this after the first wayward blob of ketchup!) Knee-length skirts for the ladies and shorts for the gents are ideal for eating whilst sitting down – again, this will eliminate any food spillages.     

4. Drink – Beer is a must, even if you’re not drinking. Bring a pack of soft drinks for the kids, and if you know one of the hosts likes a particular brand of wine, surprise them with their favourite bottle (in a chiller if possible). 

5. Music – Hosts should be aware of noise levels, particularly if surrounded by elderly neighbours. Compilation “summer tunes” should suit all tastes.  

6. Etiquette – Invite the neighbours, if only for good public relations, or at least inform them of your barbecue, and that there might be the potential for disturbance.