Top Tips to Modelling Success

Destiny and hard work can complement one another harmoniously. You can strike it lucky, there’s no doubt about that, but if you’re focused and motivated in achieving your goal, you can drive the route your future takes. Ultimately, it’s all in your hands and you can make a success out of anything you put your mind to.

Models Direct is guessing you’re reading this because a: fate brought you here and b: you have an inner flame that wants to ignite!

If you want to turn on that fire and reap success in an exciting and bold modelling career, you can tap into some of these key attributes that will help make you stand out from the crowd. Remember: modelling assignments aren’t guaranteed. The decision is based on what clients are seeking. However, to increase your chances of being booked in a competitive industry, read on.


Being comfortable around people in a busy environment, and in front of the camera is part of the job so you must exude confidence and feel it too! Your client will want your inner feel-good vibes speaking through the camera. No shy glances or timid attitude (unless they are requested for, of course!)

If you’re struggling with this aspect, don’t worry. We all feel the nerves and jitters especially when we venture into the unknown. If you need to talk through anything and we really mean anything, then please do reach out to our Models Direct team. We’re here to help – always.

Have a thick skin

If you want to be a model you gotta handle rejection like a boss! This is harder said than done though. It does hurt or at least sting a bit when you’ve experienced rejection where a client has turned you down for someone else in a casting or audition. This can damage your self-esteem because you might feel like it’s been a personal attack on your appearance, but this isn’t the case. Being a model, this is the nature of the job, not every assignment will suit you or vice versa, and if you’re aware of this, then it makes it all a bit easier to deal with.

Live healthy

If you’re serious about becoming a model, you’ll need to be serious about living a healthy lifestyle. Why? It’ll benefit you now and in the long run, and add to your improved stamina, which we may drop in is an important physical attribute to have due to the demanding schedules.

For inspo and more info on exercising and living healthy, head on over to our other blogs.

Up to date portfolio

Your portfolio is your modelling CV. Clients will want to pick yours up or scroll through it online to see what you’ve got to showcase so ensure you create one as soon as possible. They’ll want to see current images since we’re always evolving our look, albeit subtle changes. Clients will want to see your ability, your energy, your personality through your images, so to increase success, ensure your images are up to date. 

Keep up with the latest trends

Being a model means plunging into the world of fashion and beauty and knowing all the current trends there are to know. If you’re one step ahead, you can update your portfolio and socials to demonstrate your fashion knowledge. This will help make you successful, not only in what you know and who you influence but also in those who are following you – like a potential client. If you have an eye for all the great stuff, let the world know!

Other key points that can help you experience success are professionalism, motivation, determination, and responsiveness.

Take this blog in bite-sized chunks to not feel overwhelmed with all this must-know info. We hope this has helped you.

In closing, to see success as a model, you’ll need to start with small changes. It’ll come from you, taking your initiative to drive things forward and to create your destiny. Remember you can make it happen – believe in yourself, work hard and aim high.