“Do You Understand How A Talent Agency Works?”

Model and Talent Agency’s work in many different ways, sometimes this makes it tricky to know what you might be getting when joining the Models Direct books! That’s what our experienced team are here for….

Having been in business for nearly 30 years, Models Direct understands the importance of communication with our talent, that’s why we have a dedicated team of experienced and committed Agents at the end of the phone to guide you through your modelling career.

Some of the Agents in the team have been with Models Direct pretty much from the start and others have been part of this tight team for 10 years +, so they really know their business and what a model can expect while being represented by Models Direct.

The most important feature of Models Direct is that the agency actively seeks you work, it is not a showcase agency! There is an inhouse, experienced team of lovely people who are speaking daily to Casting Directors, Producers, Advertising Agencies and Independent companies across the world who are looking to book talent!!

The Models Direct web development team have worked very hard to create an online portfolio for our talent which includes many features and benefits, enabling them to have control of how they are promoted to clients and keeping them informed at all times of potential modelling work – so how do we do this being an International Agency??

If you are successfully offered representation by the Models Direct team then your very own online portfolio will be created for you. This is a secure portfolio which you will have your own username and password for, allowing you to log in at anytime. This online portfolio offers our talent and models many features and benefits:

  • You are able to upload up to 50 images onto your portfolio which will be visible to clients for potential work when you are put forward in a search. This allows you to present a selection of images that show your character, look, personality or talent. It allows you to show that you are versatile and could be selected for many different types of roles and characters, giving you a higher chance of being selected. It’s very important to keep these images up to date, change them seasonally and also as your look changes. Make sure they are good quality images and would catch the eye of a client.
  • All of your details will be on the portfolio, this includes all your measurements, areas of work you are interested in, details of your talent and of any experience you may already have in the entertainment industry – this is all really vital stuff!!
  • An option to upload an audio clip and video clip is also included, this is a great benefit for actors, singers, musicians, voice over artists etc – another function to show yourself off and stand out from others!
  • The Models Direct team understand how the industry can be frustrating and often is a waiting game for work, so communication is key and therefore our models are sent an email alert every time their portfolio is put forward in a search to a client and of course you will also be alerted if you are short listed or of course selected!!

The management of your online portfolio is overseen by your own dedicated model coordinator who is there to guide you at anytime, but it also requires some input from you! When the Models Direct team speak to our applicants one of the factors they are looking for is determination and commitment from the model, this is so important to make the best of the opportunity Models Direct are offering you, it’s a 2 way thing!

If you have read this and are interested in finding out more about how Models Direct works and all of the features and benefits the agency can offer you then please contact our dedicated team who would be more than happy to talk you through it! Contact