Which foods give you the most energy?

We all experience a slump in energy levels, and varying food intake is often the chief culprit. There are “brain foods” and low calorie foods for people watching their weight, but which foodstuffs are the best for increasing energy levels to leave you feeling like you can conquer the world (or at least the week)?

Many people observe their daily calories and general food input: professional athletes, amateur gym bunnies, fitness models…for many, it’s seen as an essential part of their daily routine. For the rest of us, knowing which foods can give the best new lease of life may mean simply a better life. That can lead to sounder sleeping patterns and better mental health. Foods that increase energy levels can help the daily grind of working 9-5, in relationships and in family life (parents will relate to being too exhausted to take the children on an expedition or even just a short break to the park). Maybe the key to unlocking the constant fatigue lies in what goes in your shopping basket.

Remember that sugar-laden foods can give a nice surge in energy, but the sugar increase in the bloodstream happens too quickly, resulting in a crash, leaving you hungry and tired. Another point to consider is how often you eat: generally, it’s better to consume about six to eight “light” meals daily rather than three larger meals with breaks in-between. And drinking plenty of water throughout the day (including in the morning!) is absolutely critical.

Energy-providing foods can help any type of model. Here are Models Direct’s Super Eight Energy Providing Foods. Now all you have to do is locate at your favourite supermarket and get tasting.

1. Whole grains. These release energy far more slowly than refined grains, often found in white bread and white pasta.

2. Seeds. They’re not just for the birds. Most seeds (e.g. pumpkin and chia seeds) have a perfect low carb: high protein ratio, allowing more stable energy levels.

3. Eggs. They are high in B vitamins, and even the yolks can be eaten daily as long as you stay active.

4. Bananas. No wonder tennis players snack on them between games. These super foods are high in potassium and they also help replenish electrolytes.

5. Citrus fruits. Crack open the oranges and lemons. Vitamin C is important for collagen production, which improves growth and repair of tissues. They are also high in potassium, so combined with a banana or two, they’ll be more than a match for the dreaded fatigue.

6. Sweet potatoes. These provide more complex carbs than regular potatoes, and they have a higher potassium content. So they may not replace the Maris Piper in good old fish and chips, but when it comes to boosting energy levels, they’re the root vegetable to plump for.  

7. Quinoa. A gluten-free, “complete” protein, meaning it contains all the amino acids we need to be alert and fighting fit.  

8. Oily fish. Stock up on salmon, tuna and sardines for a omega-3 fatty acid paradise.

No model should feel the strain of continuous fatigue. Keep to a regular sleeping pattern, exercise at least twice a week, and try some of the above energy boosters. You’ll be feeling more alert, as well as more confident in your modelling aspirations.