It’s Movember Time!

The month of November is here! Woo hoo! With the cold snap taking over, there’s more than just icicles hanging off most surroundings. Some of our male family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances may be having some furry facial hair fun this month. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Grow a tash

Movember is about raising funds for men’s health issues and awareness on a global scale. It’s a charity event where people are encouraged to start the month clean-shaven and then, by the end, hopefully, grow a tash, getting sponsored in the process (particularly those who don’t do facial hair).

What Movember’s about

The Movember Foundation set up in 2003, has been looking at prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention, raising more than 440 million pounds for men’s health projects.
Mo Bros and Mo Sisters (what the charity like to call their family of supporters), can go beyond just growing ‘tache, they’re fundraising opportunities, hosting events and doing it your way with what you choose to do to raise money. So, ladies, you can join in too!

Male modelling and embracing the mo-ment

If you’re a male model in the making, or established in the industry – teen or senior – you can ready your November portfolio with some must-have winter edits supporting Movember. You can document your moustache’s journey which you can certainly add to your online collection of images.

With Models Direct the power is in your hands to update your portfolio and measurements whenever you please, ideally every 3 to 6 months (more often when you’re younger as you’re changing and morphing into adulthood), incorporating national and global events to demonstrate you’re keeping up with current affairs and you’re aware of the world outside. This will get heads turning and clients will take an interest.

And there you have it for this blog’s info input. We wanted to ask if any of you have participated in Movember or intend to this year. Did you grow a tash or raise funds for men’s health awareness? Or would you like to grow a handlebar, an El Bandito, or a chevron? Let our team know! You might be a source of inspiration for others to follow and do good for the charity.