How Do I Get Paid For a Booking?

Our team loves bringing new content to you and we’re ready to mix it up and present answers to questions that must be at the forefront of your mind. Here’s a new one for you which we’re sure plenty of new models have asked: how do I get paid for a booking?
We’ll answer this for you right here!

Our strong team of industry experts work closely with our talent. From registering with our agency through to being selected for a booking. We’re present at all touch points and use our platform of comprehensive blogs and abundant posts on socials to answer any questions (just like the one we’re answering right now) and give you a deeper insight into our agency world and the modelling industry as a whole.

Models Direct aim to get our models their salary within 5 days of completing their assignment. No one likes to wait and we certainly agree that payments need to be made fast. The steps for being paid are:

We present the client’s brief to a selected model
If you’ve been chosen to model for a client, or your star pet has, then we contact you to share the good news. We explain the brief in detail at this point and inform you what you’ll receive after completion. (We do stick to our 5-day policy payment). This payment is negotiated between our skilled booking agents and our clients whereby we ensure all of our models are paid fairly with some of the best rates in the industry.
If you’re happy with all the details and have availability for the project, as sometimes some assignments are a touch short notice due to the client’s circumstances, then we move on to the next step:

1) Confirm agreement
We then send over a written agreement which outlines all the details of the modelling assignment. This includes the payment and information about the modelling job – the company’s name, day, time, location, name(s) of the model(s) involved, storyboards/description of what the work will entail, and a detailed timeline.

2) Job assigned and undertaken
If you’re happy to go ahead, then all you need to do is sign the agreement and look forward to a wonderful modelling experience.

3) Follow up with our MD happiness check
It’s important to us that you had a pleasant experience working on set which is why we check in on you after the work has been completed to see how it all went. We’re eager to hear how it all went and are open to communication. If you feel like it could’ve gone better or something was missing, we’re all ears to striving for committed improvements so that you and our other models receive the best experience possible. We love feedback from model bookings which we share on our socials and in our blogs.

Katherine is our model who was selected for the Business Disability Forum shoot, and she shared her delighted feedback with us:

“Models Direct let me know I was selected straight away. They provided me with all the legal details and were there for any questions I had. The photoshoot went really well.”

4) Feedback & Payment
Within 5 days of completing the job, your payment will land – happy days! However, if you do notice that there’s been a delay, our team would like to hear back from you so that we can get this processed as soon as possible (sometimes gremlins can cause a digital blooper or an administrative delay but we try our best to ensure it’s a smooth process).

We hope this helps with knowing when you’ll get paid after an assignment and what the processes are. Happy modelling everyone!