When did you last update your modelling e-portfolio pictures? Three good reasons to do it now!

Perhaps you haven’t refreshed your modelling photographs recently but have been thinking about doing it again soon…

There are many reasons why it is important you keep your e-portfolio pictures looking fresh and up to date.

Here are just three of them:

1 It gives you the best chance of being chosen for the right jobs

If you had long blonde hair in your last set of photos but now have a jet black bob, you won’t be suitable for assignments requiring either long blonde hair or a jet black bob! If we pick you for the blonde haired job, you will have to tell us that your hairstyle has changed and you are no longer a good candidate to be put forward to our client. If we are asked for someone with a jet black bob, we simply won’t even consider you as you won’t show up in our searches. So, to get the best chance of being chosen, we need to see recent photos!

2 It saves embarrassment

If a client selects you based on one look and you show up at a booking with another look, you could well be turned away. This is embarrassing for you as the model and for us as the agency. We cannot stress enough that it is so important that you still look now as you do in your e-portfolio pictures. We don’t mind if you gain weight, lose weight, change your hair or get a new piercing – we are approached for all sorts of models of different shapes, sizes and looks – but in order to send you to the right jobs, your pictures must be up to date.

3. It keeps your e-portfolio fresh

We at Models Direct and our clients love to see fresh, up-to-date photographs. We like to see bright, summery shots in the summer and cosy, winter looks during the colder months. We like to see our models expressing themselves creatively but also looking of the moment in their shots. If you update your pictures regularly, they are more likely to stand out as fresh and interesting. This means you are more likely to stand out from all the other models on our books. We need everyday looking male and female models, but remember, modelling is a competitive business and you need to do all you can to shine out from all the other hopefuls!