Star Pets

Many domestic animals could be Star Pets in their own right.

When we think of fantastic human commercial models, we think of them as enthusiastic, punctual and able to follow instructions easily. For obvious reasons, our pets have different traits to their owners, but that doesn’t mean that millions of pets can’t have rewarding modelling assignments. In fact, we know that our clients place pets in the highest regard in modelling campaigns.

We see pets in all sorts of marketing material. From TV adverts, programmes, films, social media reels and in print, pets come alive in front of cameras and really engage the consumer. 

Most pet owners know the qualities of their loved pets. Some have inquisitive looks, whilst others are assuredly obedient. Some have faultless fur or the brightest eyes, whilst others have an all-round package and are simply “cute”. That doesn’t mean brands are just looking for pets that are easy on the eye. Individuality in pets is as important as it is for human models. Some clients might be looking for dogs with less than perfect coats or teeth, or for cats with different coloured eyes. It depends on the specific assignment, and which products brands are trying to promote.

Many pet owners don’t realise that their pets can (and will) make terrific commercial models. Maybe they realise their domestic chums are camera-friendly, but they don’t appreciate the real possibility of their pets becoming successful models. “Where is the market for them?” some might ask themselves. The answer to that is: everywhere you look.

We’ve had cheeky rabbits modelling for Mulberry bags and traditional black and white collies behaving impeccably for Gtech adverts. These two stand out due to the reputation of the brands, although we are often contacted by smaller brands in the fashion and leisure industries on the lookout for pets with the same looks and skills. Have a look at some more of our pet success stories to whet your appetite. Can your pet become a Models Direct Star Pet? Of course they can. All it takes is a quick registration with two clear photos, and then your pet will be put forward to a multitude of clients.

There are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of pets. With our growing number of brands, it’s never a bad time to apply.

Dogs, cats and rabbits are undoubtedly the most common requests. However, there are modelling chances for birds, reptiles and larger species such as horses (think the black horses featuring in the Lloyds Bank adverts). Puppies and kittens are popular with clothing brands, whilst all breeds of common household pets are vital for pet food companies. Star Pets are here to stay, and there’s no reason why your pet couldn’t be the next one to excel.

Worried about travelling with your pet? We pay travelling expenses, and we’re always advising owners to make their pets as comfortable in transit, and on set. You’ll be working alongside professionals who have experience with animals, so all owners have reported that their pets have enjoyed stress-free modelling jobs.

We have the clients and the booking team to make your pets the star of the show. Now it’s over to you – the owner – to make the next step and apply to register with us – the UK’s most trusted commercial modelling agency.