Our Awesome New Website

Models Direct has launched our new website for clients and models to hire and join. It’s bright, fun and easy to scroll through.

Models Direct has given our website a complete refresh. We unveiled it for the very first time at the end of 2023, and we can’t wait for you to see the overhaul if you haven’t seen it just yet. We’re excited for you to see what changes we’ve made, and we hope you enjoy navigating through each page to see what we’ve come up with.

Our website needed a serious reboot that injected character, pizzazz and energy to match ours. As you know (or maybe you’re new to us) Models Direct isn’t your average modelling agency. With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being the go-to partner for connecting some of the biggest brands in the UK with a diverse range of talented models.

Our website’s much-earned makeover has our clients and models in mind – to make it simpler for them to do what they need to do – hire and join.

The homepage has been designed to immediately draw our audience in with its aesthetically appealing and simplistic designs coupled with its precise and captivating content. There’s a short video loop demonstrating all the different types of models. It quickly zooms and displays one short clip to the next until you see a fuller picture of happy faces that make our agency who it is – diverse, inclusive and perfect for everyday normal people.

Next to this, you can see the registration form tabbed for becoming a model and hiring a model. Its mission is to provide straight-to-the-point services. It’s user-friendly and easy to complete indicating how long it will take to register interest from both perspectives (so not long at all then!). The main purpose:

* The general public can register interest as a new model

* Clients can hire our models


It’s all on the homepage, so no need to scroll down and search amongst heavy content.

Following on from here, we’ve got a visually funky list of all the different modelling categories all in one place, that a model could be a part of, and a go-to for clients if they’re searching for a specific type of model.

Thereafter, we have simple, user-friendly registration forms for clients and models to fill out online. The forms are easy to complete indicating how long it will take to register interest from both perspectives (not long at all!)

We have included a scrolling visual group of brand icons who we’ve worked with so that our audience can see who our clients have been.

Leading on from this, we have a featured review comment section that changes every time the website is accessed where 5-star comments are shared, and more can be read. It’s a great add-on for our models’ feedback.

What’s going on is a new section featuring access to a select few of our wonderfully informative booking blogs.

Hello is one for our clients! It has the freshest faces that have been added to our modelling hub. Here, clients can click to see who’s who or click for more new faces. It’s a nice little corner of our real models who are ready for assignments.

The page ends off with the all-important links for clients to hire models and for future models to register.

This is our new website in a nutshell. When you access it, let us know about anything new that you notice which we might have missed out on mentioning here. We hope you like the colours, the typography, the layout and the new minimalistic content but maximised impact. We’re hoping this is the best modelling agency website you’ll come across and of course, the best modelling agency to hire with or register to.

Thanks for reading, but now, get exploring the website!