Warrington Mature Model Making a Meaningful Impact for Fashion Fundraiser

Hello loyal reader, and welcome to our first instalment of what’s happening in and around Warrington.

Question: Is it possible to enter the world of modelling at 71?

Answer: You betcha!

When our modelling agency, Warrington Models Direct, set eyes on this local story, there was no way we couldn’t share it with our readers. You know it’s creating massive waves as we write!

The story begins with celebrity designer brand, Raishma, who has rubbed shoulders with royalty and the stars, dressing them in some of the finest, exquisite apparel. They had their heart set on designing a new pretty pink dress collection dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Now – a breast cancer awareness charity. This launched at the end of last year and is set to continue for its twelve-month pledge where the specific range is contributing 10% of each sale. You can have a look right here.

The worthy collaboration is a perfect blend of how fashion can go beyond style. It can make a significantly positive impact where you can be any age to make a difference and raise awareness through your shared experience.

This is where Cheshire great-grandmother, Christine Hyde, was invited to a photoshoot to help promote this Think Pink campaign alongside five other UK-based real women including Liberty X pop singer Michelle Heaton. Their connection? They’ve all battled with breast cancer and are survivors.

International photographer, Sanjay Jogia, lost his mum to breast cancer. He was the man behind the lens and took the series of snaps titled “Still Me” with the intention that even if you’re struggling with your health, you’re still yourself – the same person.

This modelling experience wasn’t the first time though for Christine. Last year in April, it all kicked off when she wore a Raishma dress for a charity do. This inspired the designer, Raishma Islam, to give back and be part of an ongoing meaningful campaign.

This epic collaboration meant that all eyes were on Christine and her fellow models. Being mature, she said that she never expected to be a model at 71! We’re not surprised though as unfortunately, not many people would know this.

As we age, we assume that life in our later years just means slowing down. Learning new skills, meeting new people, travelling and being paid to provide a service are most certainly not at the top of the list! Brands and companies need older models to cover a slew of industries and to market products and services for their age group.

Our Warrington Models Direct Modelling Agency has plenty of experience connecting senior models to clients. You can take a look at some success stories we have helped work together on right here.

Our Warrington-based agency is looking forward to meeting you! We’re all about breaking down barriers. As the idiom goes, age is just a number. If you’re mature (50+), get in touch with our agency which embraces and empowers male and female trailblazers from all walks of life, no matter what your age is.