Behind the scenes

Modelling is exciting and rewarding, and it offers far more than a lovely pay cheque at the end of an assignment. There are many aspects about our industry that models need to know about, which is part of the reason why our blogs are so well received by models (both amateur and professional) and our clients.

One of the features of modelling is the importance of coping behind the scenes. This could be how models manage their time when the cameras are off, or how they prepare when called into action. Either way, the behaviour of models is different when they’re behind the scenes than it is when the spotlight is upon them.

Preparing behind the scenes is very important for any modelling assignment to run smoothly. Getting into the right frame of mind can be the difference between nailing a first scene or having a few attempts at glorious perfection. Our clients are always very understanding, so they never expect models to pull off flawless modelling routines every time – but that’s not to say that models shouldn’t try to achieve perfection from the get-go. And being behind the scenes is a crucial aspect of on-set modelling, which we’ll discuss below.

Meanwhile, check out some of models behind the scenes at some of their recent modelling jobs:

As you can see, they all look natural and relaxed, and this underlines the importance of models “switching off” when the cameras aren’t switched on!

Models that can transform into their “A game” at the drop of a hat are like gold dust to our clients. So, how can you get into character whilst behind the scenes, and relax by (temporarily) forgetting the cameras are there?

Firstly, we’ve placed hundreds of models that have made friends with other models on set. Relaxing with other models behind the scenes is both sociable and reassuring, and can be a calming distraction from the job itself. If you have any small concerns about the job, simply talking with like-minded people will do models a world of good. Plus, you might even make life-long friendships, too!

Try not to place too much emphasis on your role as a model. Yes, models are paid well to help any campaign go according to plan, but continually thinking about being on set can put that little bit of pressure on models. It’s not an interview – never forget that modelling jobs should be pleasurable and worthwhile. after years in the industry, we should know…and our countless feedback from models prove this! Need proof? Here you go

Take with you anything as a welcome diversion from the hustle and bustle of a professional set when behind the scenes. Newspapers, books, iPhones, tablets…they are all useful to help you switch off.

Food is often provided on set, but bring healthy snacks with you. If you’re at a loose end, get munching to pass the time and to keep those pesky hunger pangs at bay!

Don’t pester camera crew or on-set staff, but by all means have a chat with them if they’re available to do so. They may ask for you again by name (kudos to you!), and they can be invaluable sources of industry information.

For more information on what to expect on set, these links will be extremely useful for all types on models (well, maybe not animal models!)