Money, Money, Money!!

It’s a tricky subject, a controversial topic, yet some people don’t get out of bed for less than a certain sum, so why do we find it so hard to talk about??

Non of us work for free (there are always exceptions of course!), but as a general rule we go to work for one thing and one thing only, to earn money! Everybody knows that, it goes without saying and that’s just it why are we so ashamed or secretive about what we earn?

Modelling is no different, it’s an incredibly lucrative industry if you’re a fashion model in demand, representing big brands and designers, but what about commercial models, what can they earn?

Models Direct represent talented models to clients of all sizes across the UK and overseas, these clients all have very different budgets depending on the scale of the assignment, the brand and the shoot budget, therefore a models wage can differ hugely. Over the years we have seen models earn anything from around £100 for an assignment to £1000’s, there are many factors that can effect this and that’s when having an agency like Models Direct really pays off!

As a model if you are dealing directly with a client you have very little room and lack of experience in negotiating fee’s. You will probably be so pleased to be contacted you wouldn’t have the knowledge of what type of fee you should be receiving for the job they are offering you, that’s what an agency does and has the ability to do for you.

When one of our models are selected for work, the Models Direct assignments team are aware of the clients budget for this particular job, they also know the expectations that will be put on you and the hours you are going to have to work, therefore they know what you need to be receiving as a fee and we can make sure that is the case! As an agency we make a promise to our models to pay you within 5 days of finishing the assignment, so there’s no waiting around for your money or clients not paying you!!

There’s nothing better than getting paid to do something you enjoy, it’s what we are all aspiring for especially people who have a natural talent! Models and performers are all looking to get paid work and to be able to make a living from their looks or abilities, this can all be possible by having an agent.

Below are 3 examples of model fee’s you can expect to earn from commercial modelling assignments:

 Model fee: £266

“Just finished up my first assignment with Models Direct shooting a tourism video for the company Travel Click in my home town of Cardiff” – Miriam






Model fee: £1,000

“A tremendously exciting opportunity presented itself quite unexpectedly, and whilst it has remained shrouded in mystery and secrecy, I must admit my curiosity got the better of me and I was delighted to have been able to just go with it, in the hope that all would eventually be made clear!

Model fee: £1,620

“We never expected that Max would be chosen as the “hero” baby for the Pampers campaign. We were delighted and so proud of him. It has been a lovely experience and we look forward to embarrassing him with the story when he is older.”

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Some models will work for no money, in return they will want to be credited in print or use the final images to build their portfolio and to gain experience for their CV, this is all OK and up to the individual, however Models Direct will not offer you unpaid work, your time is valuable!

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