Love It or Hate It, the Snow is BACK!

Snow days are not often something we factor in for things that could go wrong on an assignment at Models Direct, but this month has been a bit different!!

With a double helping of snow this month the Models Direct team have had to think on their feet, rearranging journeys for models, accepting cancellations and postponements of assignments and attempting the scary journey into the office themselves – we’ve had it with the snow!!

As a national agency we work with models and clients all over the UK, so weather can play a big part in the organisation of assignments and of course can vary every day across the country.

The assignments team spend lots of time assisting models with their travel arrangements to jobs, from looking at train times for them, to planning their journey for them by car. Quite often models don’t have to travel that far for assignments as the team try and secure work locally for talent, but this isn’t always the case.

It feels like the UK have had a long winter this year and having just spoken to a model family in Devon who are snowed in again, it’s not over yet! They have still managed to do three assignments this month though!

The assignments team are always on the phone checking in with talent to make sure their travel arrangements to secured assignments are sorted as we never want to risk letting the client down.

The snow has lost the agency work unfortunately, clients have been left with no choice than to delay shoots or filming schedules, due to the cold, transportation, logistics and safety – that’s life!

However, today the sun is shining at Models Direct Head Office and the snow has gone, we are delighted to see the sun and can only hope the warm weather is on route, it makes everything a little easier!

The team would love to hear your snow stories, how have you entertained the family on snow days??