Where Do You Fit In At Models Direct?

Commercial Modelling/Fashion Modelling – What’s the difference??


The modelling industry can be incredibly daunting and with lots of new phrases, information and options been thrown at you how are you supposed to know ‘IF’ and ‘WHERE’ you might fit in the modelling world!

When someone is referred to as a ‘Model’ it can mean several different things and this is sometimes very confusing for people who are new to the industry or uninformed.

The team at Models Direct are often asked “What is the difference between a Commercial model and a Fashion model, the answer, there is a big difference, which I will now explain;

Both Commercial and Fashion models are seen in national and international campaigns, however they are shown in very different ways.

Commercial models will be seen in advertisements, national and local print, TV commercials, catalogues and promotional material, where as fashion models will be seen in glossy magazines and International runways wearing the latest fashion designers new collections or promoting more exclusive brands.

They also have very different location and body requirements, so it’s important when considering becoming a model you know which route you are  wanting to pursue.

Commercial models will be booked for work through modelling agencies, who will proactively be seeking assignments for them. Generally commercial models will work on a temporary basis; you are unlikely to receive a lucrative contract with a brand and may well do it as a hobby or part-time commitment.

Fashion Models also known as editorial models will often be working in one of the major cities of the world, New York, Paris, London or Tokyo. They are likely to be recognised by the general public and be seen on the runways promoting the high end fashion brands. Their work will be secured for them by Editorial fashion agencies. They often become celebrities or know in the media and have powerful social media presence.

At Models Direct we are a Commercial Modelling Agency, so we have a team of people actively seeking assignments for the models we represent. Our criteria for applications are not as specific as an editorial fashion agency.

As an agency we represent talented people across the UK, this enable us to be able to find you work local to you, not just London!! Our clients are based all round the UK and will contact the agency looking to source a particular look for a campaign or talent, as an agency we promote, singers, dancers, actors and musicians.

The catorgories of models Models Direct represent are:

People over 60 are still seen in print and on advertisements every day, ‘real people’ are used to promote products and services to the general market, so age, body type is not so highly regulated. For commercial modelling it helps to be outgoing, well presented and happy to take on all types of assignments, commercials, extras, photographic and promotional work that are offered to you, this way you gain as much experience as you can and get your face seen!

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