Your unique child – a guide to child modelling

You know just how special your little one is – and so do we!

Young mother spending time with her children at home while they drawing at table

And that is why we’d love to hear from you if you think they might enjoy child modelling.

Our clients are always on the lookout for junior models who are smiley, sociable, interesting and unique.

They love to feature children with that individual sparkle in their eyes and that particularly cheeky grin on their faces.

They want children who are fun, friendly and fantastic at getting on with others and following instructions.

So how does child modelling with Models Direct work?

Firstly, read our blog pages and peruse the reviews from the parents of our existing child models to see whether you think your youngster would enjoy the kind of assignments we offer.

Then, fill in one of our forms, send us some photos and wait for us to get in touch to explain more.

Models Direct is a reputable, fully government-accredited employment agency and we check out all our clients thoroughly and only accept bookings we would be happy for our own children to attend.

We explain that if your child becomes one of our models, you will be expected to upload images and information on to an e-portfolio and then keep this up to date.

This ensures your child has the best possible chance of being selected for work.

We will also talk you through the process of how each booking is made.

Basically, our clients send us details of the child (or children) models they require and we search through our database to find a selection of those who meet that description.

A shortlist of those of the right age and height – and with the right look – will be sent through to the client.

The client then makes the final selection as to who they would like – which is why we can never guarantee work to any of our models, young or old.

The final choice is simply not up to us.

If your child is selected we will contact you with all the details and you can decide whether or not to accept.

If you do accept, we will ask you to accompany your child and be there to offer support on the day.

Your point of contact at Models Direct will always be there at the end of the phone to answer any queries you might have and to find out how the assignment went.

Afterwards, we will ensure you are paid promptly and we will ask you for your feedback.

This is what little Naomi’s parents told us after she accepted an assignment with Deliveroo through us:

“We looooooved our first photoshoot experience for our daughter!

“The team was incredibly friendly and super professional, and the communication with Models Direct was excellent from the time of booking my daughter into the job!

“She had a lot of fun eating and playing around with the food they gave her from Deliveroo.

“We would love Naomi to be booked again so she can have as much fun again.

“Amazing day!”