Can I be a model? Why not!

It’s perfectly natural in life for little doubts to creep in. Whether it’s work, leisure pursuits or even family life, indecisions can be the difference between success and failure. More often, they can be the sole reason why potential accomplishments remain unaccomplished.

When considering becoming a model, these niggling doubts may surface. Some questions aspiring models ask themselves include:

“I want to be a model, but do I think I’d be any good at it?”

“I haven’t any experience at modelling, so why would agencies or clients pick me?”

“I think I have the desirable looks, but I don’t really have the confidence, so why should I join an agency?”

It’d be easy to dismiss the above opinions. If someone really is lacking in confidence, wouldn’t it be correct to say they’d never succeed in the modelling industry? And if an aspiring model really has had zero experience working with professional photographers for notable companies, isn’t it true that they’re just wasting their time?

And therein lies the problem. These are common misconceptions about commercial modelling, and they need to be addressed to give potential models the self-belief to turn the unaccomplished into the accomplished. And it’s far easier than you’d think. Sure, it’ll take dedication and persistence, but so do most things.

The first step to becoming a bone fide model is applying to register with us. We have model requests daily for a whole host of brands who are actively looking for people just like you in many advertorial campaigns. It could be a simple photo shoot for a website or brochure, or a short video clip requiring a number of takes. Our clients look for real people to appeal to the greater population, so it makes sense that our models are everyday people with the aspirations to land their dream jobs in our incredibly rewarding industry.

Our models are in almost all age ranges, from babies and toddlers right up to mature models in their eighties. Add onto that the popularity of pet models and more specific types including hair models, hand models and those with shapely legs, and you have the very definition of an all-inclusive industry open to anybody.

Being “good” at modelling starts with having confidence. Many of our models are first-timers. They’ve commented to us that they find the work enjoyable and that the clients really look after them on set. Being successful means following directions from those making the film shoots, or it could mean posing as naturally as possible for photographers. Clients want the best campaigns, so the people making them are always patient and helpful.

No experience? It doesn’t matter. No one expects a new models to have had prior work experience under their belts.

Prospective models should apply tojoin an agency because clients come to them in the first instance, asking to see models that the agency thinks fit the best looks as detailed in the client’s brief. It remains the best way for models to get offered work.

Have no doubts that you could be a model. After all, hundreds of other models had the right mindset and didn’t let doubts alter their ambitions.

As legendary baseball player Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”