Why is modelling competitive?

The first thing models should know is that commercial modelling is competitive – often, fiercely so. We’ve been stressing the point for well over 30 years, and the industry remains as competitive as it’s ever been.

This is both good news for models, as well as an obstacle for others. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all models registered with a reputable agency get offered jobs within a week or so? Yes, it would, but it’s unrealistic to think along these lines.

Even multi-skilled and highly-qualified jobseekers have trouble landing their perfect roles. Inevitably it won’t be because of their knowledge or experience; more often one job opening attracts the attention of several people – often hundreds – and it’s this that frequently means lots of jobseekers don’t get offered work. Demand is high in most sectors, but the job market is ultra-competitive. Employers can overlook many people who’d be more than suitable for the job opening. Discouraging? Maybe so, which is the reason why jobseekers should make themselves stand out from the rest of the pack. Or, to put it more bluntly – to stand out from the rest of the competition, because this is exactly what it is: job seekers competing with each other, vying for the same role. It’s tough, but it’s reality.

Working as a commercial model isn’t necessarily identical to working in other roles. But the same principle applies: models should give themselves the best chance of being chose for work. Just applying to us (which is the best start) isn’t enough. Our clients need to see how much models take their work seriously by knowing models keep their portfolios updated. They need to see different looks, but more importantly, current looks. We’re experts at finding models work, but models need to help themselves, too. 

What exactly makes modelling competitive?

Firstly, modelling is a desirable career for many talented people. Hundreds of models are content with modelling part-time, or simply a handful of times a year. Because registering with a well-known agency remains the most effective way to be seen by decision-makers (clients), agencies will often have lots of models on their books.

Fortunately, we have a great selection of model bookings for all sorts of models, from mature models to baby models, and from animal models to group modelling. But the competition is still there, in line with the demand for such an eclectic mix of talent. Therefore, there tends to be several models vying for the same position – and it’s always our clients who make the final decision.

So, clients pick certain looks – even if your look fits the bill, it’s no guarantee of being selected.

Secondly, different times of the year can dictate how many models are needed by brands. The lead-up to the summer & winter months and around Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day is especially busy for consumers and companies alike, so we tend to receive more requests for models around these times. Again, you may have exactly what the clients are looking for, but with little success.

We cannot emphasis the need to regularly update your portfolios with current photos. Some clients have a sixth sense when they look at a model’s pictures, and they can interpret old photos as a lazy model – definitely not a good reflection on you.

Our team have been placing models with thousands of top-notch clients for years. It’s what we do. But as competition for modelling work is always present, models must do all they can to captivate clients.

Be persistent, remain confident, and remember we’re always available to offer advice. Take a look at some tips after you’ve registered with us. We hope some of them will make you stand out from the competition.