Spring has sprung! Time to update your e-portfolio with your new look…

Well the good weather is finally starting to arrive and what better time could there be to put a spring in your step and take some gorgeous new seasonal snaps?

As you know, the team here at Models Direct just loves it when you update your e-portfolio with a selection of fabulous new photos.

Not only does it bring a new energy to the window we and our clients have on to understanding you, your look and your skills, but it also shows us just how engaged you are.

It proves you are committed to working hard to ensure your photos are up to date and it reveals you are someone who is dedicated, reliable and eager to work.

Updating e-portfolio images is essential because we and our clients need to know exactly what you look like at any given time.

We need to be sure that if you have changed your look, your e-portfolio reflects this, and that if you are chosen for an assignment you will arrive looking exactly as we need you to look.

For your part, updating your images regularly means you are far more likely to be included in the selection of models we put forward to a client if your pictures show us you have just the right look.

So what should you do this season to bring a little spring sparkle to your e-portfolio?

Well, have a look at some of the latest spring fashions – browse the internet, flick through the odd mag and have a look at what is out there in the shops.

Most people should be able to put something together from their existing wardrobes that at least hints at current colours, accessories and overall styles.

If not, then spend an enjoyable day or two wandering round charity shops and skimming through apps and websites that sell second-hand clothes.

With a bit of creative thinking you should be able to put together one or two new looks.

The next step is then to rope a friend or family member in, choose a nice sunny day and head out to a scenic park or garden where there are some glorious spring blooms.

Capture the fresh greens of the grass, the vibrant yellows of the daffodils and the deep purples of the tulips in your backdrops.

And have a fun day out posing for the camera as your familiar photographer snaps away!