5 Fun Family Activities to Bring You Closer Together

Spending time with the people you love and care about is one of the many things that makes life so wonderful. But sometimes, we cannot commit to spending time with our nearest and dearest due to restrictions such as work or study, or simply (unintentionally) by overseeing it.

However, Models Direct have created a short and sweet list of fun family activities that you can do that’ll bring your family closer together. Our hot picks are manageable making them easy to implement into your daily routine. So, go ahead and find out what we’ve picked for you…

Complete an epic jigsaw

Jigsaws are a great hit when it comes to having all-round family fun where working together to accomplish a puzzle can be fulfilling, rewarding and exhilarating.

If you’ve not tried doing one together, it’s never too late! There are lots of jigsaws suitable for all ages (okay, maybe not for babies and small children) but they do start from a young age – usually from 3+ so that little ones don’t pop them in their mouth! They’re straightforward ones to choose from through to imaginative ones that will get your brain ticking like Wasgij (spelt backwards for jigsaw but we know you knew that already) and personalised jigsaws.

From simple 4 piece puzzles to complex ones that make your mind buzz, dunk into a jigsaw, see your family work together on a challenging piece and have a ball.

Learn to juggle like a pro

Yes, you read that right – juggle. Juggling has been around for a long time with an interesting history which goes back to almost 2000 B.C. Its colourful history is believed to have begun in Egypt, but its ancient forms can be found anywhere from the Aztec Empire of Mexico to the Pacific Islands. Juggling helps to build hand-eye coordination, improves reflexes, concentration, spatial awareness, and reaction time. On top of that, it’s so much fun which the family can all get involved in. Learning new skills as a family is an excellent way to nurture and develop together creating memorable moments and everlasting new abilities.

Whip up a treat and cook together 

It might make you feel anxious at the thought of cooking together as a family. We know what sort of things might come to mind – the mess, the disagreements on what not to put into the meal, how ingredients should be cut and prepared, and so on. But quite frankly, if you plan what you’re going to make beforehand – and this doesn’t have to be a difficult task – it’ll make the whole experience a little smoother sailing and of course, a whole lot of fun! Cooking is enjoyable and brings people closer together so make it a part of your family routine to make a meal – quick and snappy, or where more attention to detail is needed.

Score high with board games

Ditch a movie night for a family fun-filled evening with board games instead. From a huge selection of games to choose from, you’ll find something that will suit every age range and any babies and small children that are still awake can join in by watching all the excitement and listening to the rip-roaring cheers over who’s beating who and who’s scored the most.

Board games create precious memories and feel-good connections and who better to share these with than those you love.

Family modelling 

In addition to these ideas, another quirky and great one which we can’t miss out is family modelling. Our modelling agency is in high demand for family models so if your family is up for a new experience jam-packed with a lot of lights, camera and action, then sign up with us. Click here to find out more.