How to help build your child’s confidence

All youngsters who are involved in child modelling need to be friendly, bubbly and happy to appear in front of the camera.

Having said that, like the rest of us little ones will have their off days and occasions where perhaps they feel a little shy.

So, what can we do to build their self-confidence?

Encourage them to do things for themselves from a young age

This can be as simple as replacing books on a shelf and toys in the box once they have finished with them. As they get older, start letting them pour their own drinks and clear their own plate and glass from the table.

Let them make their own decisions

This is not always possible with the bigger decisions in life, but certainly with some of the smaller ones. Letting children make decisions gives them a sense of responsibility. Parents can still steer the outcome by giving their child a choice of two options they are equally happy with: “Would you like the apple or the pear?” Giving them a small sum of money when out shopping and allowing them to decide how to spend it can occasionally also be empowering.

Don’t overpraise them

It is important to praise a child and let them know when they are doing well or that they have done a good job. But be wary of praising them all the time and of overdoing it when you do. They do need to learn that we don’t all always get things right all of the time – and this is likely to be the case during any modelling assignment. Try saying something like: “That was good, but it could be even better if you try this.”

Allow them some risks in life

Tempting though it is to wrap them up in cotton wool, if you want them to become more confident you have to allow them to take risks. This might be anything from riding a bike or climbing a tree to that first trip to the shop alone or walking to school with their friends when they reach an appropriate age.

Enrol them in confidence-building activities

There are lots of activities, such as singing, dancing, acting and playing sports that can help a youngster become more confident and are excellent for developing skills for child modelling. Choose these activities carefully, ensuring they are pastimes they also enjoy. While carefully directing them towards confidence-building activities, however, you should also let them pursue their own interests, even if these are quieter pursuits.

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