Relaxation Apps for Children

Now that schools are slowly beginning to open up, most children and parents have almost got back into the swing of the school run routine. It might not be the same as it used to be, but it certainly is a step in getting things back up and running

Whether you’ve enjoyed time out from that busy time of the day or have been looking forward to the school run for months, normality is setting in at a pace that is getting us back up on our feet again and moving forward. Models Direct focus on what really matters the most..with lots of info on eating well, self care and how we can look after ourselves best right now when stress levels may be a little higher than usual!

In addition to that, do you know how important it is for children to get downtime and relax to promote a healthy outlook and improve overall wellbeing? You might be thinking that they’ve had plenty of time to relax during the lengthy lockdown so why do they need more time to unwind now? You’re right – they have had a lot of time on their hands but that has been coupled with a lot of confusion and anxiety. And what with schools being open now, it isn’t uncommon for your school age child to suffer from the after-school blues once they’re home.

Here are some useful apps to help create a relaxation time for your child:

Calm – stay relaxed with sounds, stories and more

Calm is an awesome app full of soothing stories, sounds and music, your child can soak in all its rich and valuable features. It boasts a range of sounds, gentle exercises, stories and guided meditations
so a perfect little well-being treat your child can fill their after school world with.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This one is a favourite of ours. We’ve tried, tested and stuck with Cosmic Kids because not only is it free but it’s jam-packed full of interactive videos that show children how meditation is done. The videos are fabulous to follow through and captivate the younger audience by using themes to connect with them.

Cosmic Kids – Peace Outs

From the Cosmic Kids team comes the Peace Outs audio meditations. The short and sweet clips help your child to listen and learn different ways to relax their body and mind.

CBeebies Radio

Did you know that there’s CBeebies Radio on BBC Sounds? Well, of course you do! The popular children channel is also available on audio so your child can relax from screen time and listen in on music and stories. Slow tempo sounds to unwind and relax to especially after school.
Wash away your child’s pent-up energy and feelings from the day by using some of these handy features that you can easily incorporate into their after school routine.
Relax, recuperate and be calm with the help of Models Direct favourite apps and resources for children.
Parents and guardian – if you haven’t dozed off with the relaxing tunes and moves just yet, keep reading…

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