Modelling in Maturity

Who says you’re too old?

Too old for what?

The modelling world isn’t all about youngsters hoping to “make it big” on the international catwalks – although we don’t eschew new sensations or successes in any way. Quite the opposite; a lot of our gifted models have grown in stature, and they’ve added plenty of high profile jobs to their CVs. And we hope they continue along that triumphant road…because confidence and progression work hand-in-hand, and can only make them, our clients, and us, develop. Who would begrudge a taste of success? Not us!

Which is why we want to let the more mature crowd know that modelling is for them. That’s right – it’s not solely for people of a lesser age. In fact, we know hundreds of brands that are actively crying out for mature models! Why do we know this? Because they ask us all the time! So why shouldn’t a more mature person take the bull by the horns and apply to be one of our star models? Absolutely no reason at all…

We have lots of mature models on our books, but we’re always looking for more. By “mature”, we mean (generally) those that are older than 40 years. We have models that frequently model for us at the glorious age of 80+, for one simple reason: they are in demand. Just ask our clients!

How futile would it be if, in any industry, there was a shortage of talent on the basis that the asset didn’t know they could do well in that industry? What a shame!

What we need to convey is that the commercial modelling industry has been growing for years – and mature models are unquestionably a key part of it. It’s true for mature models that the business is less competitive – but for the right person this is a massive bonus. Just think how much a mature model can achieve when given the right assignments! Now, that’s our job, so all you need to do is apply with us with your basic details, and we’ll take it from there.

We’ve had some gruelling times recently, no question. The truth is, in our industry, we’ve been largely unaffected…and that means that this year is likely to be even better than the previous couple. Brands are looking to push on and to recuperate some losses – both financially and in publicity.

The modelling industry hasn’t really seen a dip in operations, and we’re sure there will be an influx of requests for mature models. After all, there is a large mature audience in the UK so brands appreciate that they need mature models to get their message across in the form of promotional shoots or filming. Which is only great news for you mature models out there.

Oh…and experience is not essential. That’s correct – anyone with the will to succeed as a model can apply, and we’ll do our best to get you in the spotlight.

The commercial modelling industry is huge, so why shouldn’t you want to be a part of it?