All the motivation you need for 2021

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of motivation courses on offer for the more apathetic individuals out there? Perhaps it’s not as strange as it seems. After all, Yale University offers courses on “Death” and “Listening to Music”, whilst there are online courses devoted to “The Art of Clowning”, complete with the tagline, “Have you ever had a dream of running off and joining the circus?” To which we reply, “Not in those shoes!” 

The fact that motivation courses exist means some people need an extra push – or, at the least, a little guidance. Motivation is – in theory – a pretty easy concept to grasp, and easy to implement. Motivation is best defined as the behavioural process which results in action or accomplished goals. It’s all about willpower, which can only be completely achieved by the person who is looking to be motivated. It’s true that other people can play a huge part in motivating others (friends, family, aforementioned online courses), but without a committed effort from the individual concerned, motivation can be a lost cause. That is – without the desire to do something, the goal won’t be reached.

Most people will be motivated several times a day without realising it. Fetched a glass of water? Been to the shops? You’ll have been motivated to do these activities for different reasons whether you think it or not. 

Generally, though, people need motivation for more significant goals*. Obvious examples include losing weight / starting or maintaining exercise, looking for a new job, quitting smoking, or even simply getting out of bed at an earlier time to approach the day with unbridled energy and hope. (*Fewer visits to the pub requires motivation, too, but because a lot have been closed, not going to your favourite drinking hole has sadly become a habit of late).

Let’s be frank – motivation levels during 2020 were probably at their all-time low for many people, both in the UK and around the world. Dreams were temporarily dashed, goals impossible to attain. However, modelling with Models Direct has been a success this year, with models having fantastic assignments with a range of clients. Perhaps motivation wasn’t a key factor for a lot of our models, because the work is enjoyable and becomes almost second-nature.

More than ever, most of us need motivation for the New Year. We need the incentive – the drive – to push us to bigger and better things, and to reach our goals we’ve set ourselves. And if you haven’t set goals, you should! You’ll be more motivated to achieve them.

But why do some people lack motivation? Depression is a big factor – especially understandable during the lowest depths of the pandemic. Fear of failure is also a reason, though this is undoubtedly a mindset issue: it’s better to try and fail, because you’ll know you’ve given it your best shot. Everyone has specific strengths, so we all can’t achieve everything. For some, a lack of motivation may boil down to sheer laziness.

Motivation usually “kicks in” early in January, and there’ll be no better example than January 2021. Though we don’t know exactly what will happen in the first few months of the New Year, what we can concentrate on is that there is a good chance everyday life will improve – even if it’s little-by-little.It’s this positive belief that will provide momentum in everything you do. Motivation will become easier with an increase in optimism. Whatever the pandemic brings in 2021, we can put 2020 behind us.

Let’s take a brief look at motivation for 2021 for both models and clients.

Models – If you’ve worked with us in 2020, good on you! 2021 will be the perfect time to amass more work. If you’re thinking about modelling, the New Year should be the impetus to put your aspirations into achievable practices. You can do it!

Think how good it’ll feel to tell people that you’re a model!

…and that you work for the UK’s top modelling agency!

Motivation equals results – have the desire to make it happen.

You’re not alone, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Clients – 2021 could be the time to regroup, or extend your business. Hopefully when the New Year is in full swing there’ll be fewer restrictions, so more of a chance to use marketing budgets to increase brand awareness. Businesses have been in the same boat (HMS Pandemic?), but in the upcoming weeks the opportunities to revise budgets and enhance performances should improve. It may take hard work and a little time, but they’ll come.

When permissible, treat 2021 as a fresh start.

Modify advertising campaigns.

Continue using models as profitable promotion aids.

Use the New Year as your first rung on the motivation ladder. Stick to your goals, and results will follow. 2020 is behind us, but we need to be realistic. The realism is that 2021 could be a much happier, prosperous year for all of us, so have the motivation to use it to your advantage. Have a fun – and safe – New Year.