New Year – New You?

2020… What a year, eh? 

Highlights included…er, hang on – were there any? Modelling opportunities were just as prevalent as always, and a lot of people were introduced to the word “unprecedented”. Other than that, it was a year to forget.

But – and it’s a small “but” – for every obstacle to overcome, we can look forward to bettering ourselves and pushing a few new boundaries. If ever there was a year to set goals and achieve ambitions, then 2021 is it. And after the viral-affected 2020, this year should be the perfect time to get stuck into fresh ventures – for the whole year. Making tweaks to lifestyles in January is not uncommon, of course, otherwise you wouldn’t be asked about “New Year’s Resolutions”. But don’t opt for short-term objectives. Go the whole hog and set yourself goals for the whole year. That would be something to shout about, right?

Before resolutions are made, the word itself needs to be considered. It means a firm belief or promise, or a decision to do something. Not an opinion or a probability – an act resulting in an outcome. After all, the only person in control of sticking to resolutions is the person making the resolutions, and no one else. This is why resolutions and goals should be realistic and achievable, otherwise they’ll never be accomplished.

Some things are easier to achieve than others. The most common resolutions – particularly from January – are giving up on vices (e.g. drinking, smoking, luxurious foods etc) and starting / increasing exercise (this is why gym membership booms post-Christmas). These are both admirable, but it’s easy to abandon the good intentions by springtime. As models, good physical and mental preservation are important, so why not stick to a yearly plan and take things in small measures instead of cramming them all in one or two months? In the long run, it’ll be better for you!

Perhaps the two major obstacles in making the big step towards lifestyle goals are commitment and money. The first should be easily conquered with a pinch of determination; the latter is more of a steadfast hurdle to overcome. If finances are a little tight, there are plenty of new activities to pursue without having a negative impact on your bank balance. Why not join a new club, or take up an interesting hobby? We’re not talking about embarking on that lifelong dream of pony trekking in South America! As mentioned, be realistic and things should slot into place quicker than you imagine. And becoming a new model should be an achievable dream for many of you. Just ask us!

The simplest of modifications often produce the biggest changes to one’s lifestyle. Try the following and see the impact after a couple of weeks:

  • Aim to have an extra hour of quality sleep.
  • Drink more water.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • Have more fun, sociably (if permitted!)
  • Gradually increase exercise.

All the above are cheap – or free – and can have immense positivity on your day-to-day activities.

Little by little, week by week, you’ll be seeing a “new you” in no time. Stick to your 2021 resolutions, but don’t get too bogged down by them and expect immediate changes. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and one with the finishing line in sight!