Modelling on location – outdoors

Unfortunately, the weather often determines what we can do, and what we wear. That’s an undeniable fact living in the UK.

We’re a relatively small island country that is greatly affected by all sorts of meteorological phenomenon: tides, ocean currents, pressure systems and everything in-between, from cloud formations to high winds, from varying levels of precipitation to near-Arctic conditions. We also have some sun (apparently).

It’s this variation that can make UK outdoor modelling that little bit more tricky. Outdoor modelling can, of course, be glorious, but our weather is so unpredictable that models should always have one eye on the forecast ahead of any outdoor modelling work. Even Michael Fish got the forecast wrong in 1987 when he declared there was no chance of a hurricane looming above our shores. How wrong he was!

So whilst many of us wish to wake up every day without worrying about which clothing to wear (ah, the joy!), a lot of us are looking over our shoulders wondering what Mother Nature will throw at us next. But, life is all about adapting to new experiences, and outdoor modelling remains popular assignments for a good number of our fearless models. The question is: what’s outdoor modelling on location like, and what can you expect on a typical outside job?

The key here is to expect the unexpected. When the weather can play a big part in how your day will go, models are at the mercy of the elements. The “weather gods” can make modelling outdoors the most pleasant day of a models’ working life…or turn it into a series of frustrating non-starters, with photographers and directors requesting to returning the next day with all fingers crossed. Like we said – the weather affects us all.

If schedules aren’t running as smoothly as initially hoped, models may be required to wait in cold conditions. Our clients try to ensure everyone on set is made to feel comfortable, but some outdoor locations demand that home comforts are a long way away (toilets, showers, warmth etc.). This isn’t to put off models; it’s simply sometimes a reality and we try to let our models be aware of all potential outcomes whilst on set.

If modelling in the spring or summer, we can only hope that Mother Nature is having a good day. Hay fever sufferers should remember to take antihistamines with them, as well as plenty of water. Taking two of everything is a really useful tip: especially jackets and coats in the winter! Prepare the day before your outdoor assignment, and be sure to know a little about the outdoor setting you’ll be working at. Our booking team gives all our models the essential information, but if you’re unsure, just pick up the phone or drop us an email – we’re here to make sure you’ll be as comfortable and safe as possible!

We’ve placed hundreds of models in outdoor situations. These include city centres, grounds of plush country houses, seaside shots and on location in holiday homes. They all went without any major hitches, although outdoor modelling can sometimes be more demanding on our models. You can’t beat the elements, but you can take steps to make them not spoil your day modelling outdoors!