Day in the life of a booking agent

Let’s begin with a statement a lot of people will take as a given: our booking agents are real people.

But why wouldn’t everyone just assume this? Are some agencies run by robots?! Do they have state-of-the-art technology to simulate real people, all the while saving money by not employing staff? We can’t comment on every agency, but we can say for certain that the Models Direct bookings team is a devoted group of modelling agency professionals with a hard-to-beat commitment to our clients and our models. And for many, the booking team is the heartbeat of a successful modelling agency.

We’re a traditional agency, although we know the benefits of technology, self-promotion and social media. We actively encourage models and clients to research other agencies – after all, why settle for the first one that comes up on a quick Google search?

Not all agencies work in the same way: that’s fair enough. However, it’s the way they work which should concern everyone involved in modelling – and that’s both models and clients.

There’s often a great deal of uncertainty in how agencies work. Applicants must “read the small print” and “tick the box”, seduced by a glamorous looking logo and promises of work upon submission of expensive photographs. Well, if that’s the way they want to operate, that’s their call.

Our booking agents are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, always looking for the right models and actors to place in the most suitable assignments. A typical day involves advertising model requests made by our clients, highlighting important information such as age, gender, the type of assignment (photo shoot, music video, commercial etc), and location / travel arrangements. We match looks and skills to the right job, and put forward the best models for each job. Models always have the final say, though – they’re under no pressure to accept a job, and sometimes an assignment is simply “not for them”.

Our agents are the link between clients and models, gathering necessary information that models need to have successful assignments. Oh, and we also agree the best rates with our clients to pass on to our models (we acquire fees prior to modelling jobs as well, so that means all our models are paid in the statutory five days…there’s no ringing up asking where fees are! Our booking agents are on it!)

Clients need the right faces for their brands, and we provide them in an efficient, timely manner. Without a booking agent, models wouldn’t have the chance to work with a diverse range of clients. Our clients have had confidence in us for over 30 years, so we’ve built up a solid relationship with them! And it’s a relationship that continues to work perfectly.

Are booking agents essential? Absolutely! They love what they do, and our models love reporting back to them with feedback from their jobs. Our agents always communicate with our clients, discussing their requirements and obtaining all the details required to make each and every assignment a fun and successful one for models.

To see a selection of top brands we work with – and to view the client form we use – click here.

Our booking agents each have a desk telephone number and are always keen to hear from new and established models. Which robot or imitation agency can say the same?