Time to Update Your Portfolio Pictures

Models Direct revisit this hot topic to remind you all to keep snapping and keep updating your portfolios. Enjoy this read! 

It’s that time of year again – goodbye biting chill, flimsy umbrellas that embarrass us by turning inside out (every time!), chunky coats and trusted gloves. As a new season is set to begin, and the sun is promising us it’ll stay out longer giving us more opportunities to stay busy in the light!

Socialising will be better than before (because we’ll make more of an effort to be proactive and see family and friends in the warmth!) The phones will more than likely come out for selfies and capturing unique precious moments this summer.

If you’re a model or readying yourself to step into this exciting world, you’ll know how pivotal taking snaps will be. After all, your portfolio – whether it’s a physical copy or electronic – is your modelling CV. And as it is with a conventional CV for a job application (along with that trusty covering letter) your portfolio will need regular updating to shine and make you noticeable.

Our lovely Models Direct talent make the time and effort to continually revamp their portfolio for the benefit of their modelling career and clients who might be interested in their look. Here’s a snapshot of why it’s so important to update it:

· Showing your unique look and style all in one place – following the latest fashion and makeup trends so that you’re one step ahead

· Documenting your changing look can expand your exposure – clients will like to see how versatile you are

· Demonstrating your ability to portray different expressions and moods – this sounds easy but being able to create an on cue look needs to be practised.

· Illustrating your creative and time management skills – show that you can create great looks with any backdrop and stay in control of how you manage your portfolio

· Showcasing attributes that make you stand out as an individual – do you have any distinguishing features, piercings or tattoos?

It’s not just humans that need a regular refresh

You’ve probably gathered that not all models are adults. Little cute newborns, babies and animals say cheese for the camera too and are perfect for clients who want them for advertising and marketing. Having an up to date portfolio is no different for these modelling categories either.

If your baby or child is in the modelling biz, their images will need a regular refresh because they’re growing up, and boy, don’t they grow up fast! It can vary but somewhere between every three to six months is a good idea and it really couldn’t be easier with our handy smartphones.

It goes the same for animals. If you’ve got a pet, they grow and change too so it’s worth you taking their snap every few months. This modelling category is certainly high in demand with a lot of attention focusing on cute animals of all species and breeds joining the industry.

Why start a modelling career?

We’re all different, that’s what makes us so wonderful. Wouldn’t life be utterly boring if we all fit into the same box? Our modelling agency appreciates all the differences in us and what makes us who we are. This is why modelling portfolios are essential and we love presenting them to our clients. Want to join our agency? Speak to us today to find out all about this wonderful career and where it could take you.