Eggciting ideas for our junior models

It’s been less than two months since we celebrated Christmas with family and friends but it almost feels like a distant memory. We’re looking ahead to celebrations this year and reasons to spend time with the special people in our lives and yup, as the title suggests, Easter is most certainly here! How EGGciting!

Children can live the Easter dream that we all had hoped for, two years in a row when we were in lockdown. It’s finally happening! What’s not to love about Easter? The unlimited supply of chocolate eggs and bunnies on the shelves are a particular showstopper, and which child wouldn’t want a bag of mini eggs and a chocolate rabbit to nibble on to celebrate?

Speaking of bunnies, Models Direct have our Star Pets that have featured in recent campaigns such as Coco & Eve and Mulberry. So, they don’t just stop at Easter chocolate bunnies then! You can explore those blogs and read how our pet models got on at work. You’ll be oohing and aahing throughout. Let’s take a look at our EGGstra fun activities that children, families and friends can enjoy this EGGtastic Easter!

Classic Easter egg hunt

Just as chocolate is an important part of this celebration, Easter is not Easter without the classic egg hunt. This signature game cannot be missed out! Whether it’s egg hunting in the garden or indoors, it can be real fun watching your children search for pieces of chocolate. This is a great chance for your kid’s to showcase their sporty and competitive side – maybe something you don’t get the chance to see often because we have busy lives and not enough time to press pause. Simply sit back and enjoy this traditional game!

The good old-fashioned egg and spoon race

Another classic to play at Easter is no doubt the awesome egg and spoon race. Adults might remember the amusing times they had dropping their eggs before the finish line or sprinting ahead taking the winner’s spot. Whatever happy memories conjure up with this childhood game, you can revive it this year and what’s great is everyone can join in. Grab an egg (preferably hard-boiled unless you’re okay with taking risks and getting messy) and a spoon (material composition is not a factor). Create your start and finish lines and away you all go! Don’t forget to capture the moments and take action shots to remember the day.

Decorate Easter eggs

Another sweet way to share the day with your children is to get the arts and crafts box out (or whatever you can find for your mini Picassos) and start doodling on your eggs. They can be real or fake, it doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t have to be limited to eggs either. These suggestions are ideas – you know your children best, so tailor it to what they enjoy.

The spirit of Easter

Easter somehow feels slower-paced and less stressful than Christmas so enjoy all the magical moments you share with the children. Take some time out to read Easter stories about the Easter bunny and its colourful eggs to learn the great history of this celebration.

Take photos and be IN them too – you’ll want to look back at the wonderful things you did together as a family. Sometimes adults tend to take them and be on the other side of the camera. Luckily, selfie mode is easy – just remember to flip the camera around and snap away!

Do you have any EGGcellent activities you share with your children at Easter? Share them with Models Direct – we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Easter from all of us at MD!