Hear from Models Direct’s junior models……

Producers, Agencies and Casting Directors are booking junior models all the time to be in the latest commercial, campaign or fashion shoot for big brands and smaller independent brands too!

It’s a big industry, with lots of parents wanting their child to be the lucky one, therefore making it very competitive! Models Direct represent a variety of talented young people across the UK, all wanting their moment of fame!

Most of the junior talent Models Direct represent are not only confident infront of the camera, but also have experience in singing, dancing or acting and generally love performing!

If you are a parent who has their child signed with Models Direct or any agency for that matter it is essential to keep the agency up to date with new pictures of your child on a regular basis. Children change so quickly and clients need to see good clear, up to date pics!

The Models Direct team are delighted to be able to contact parents with the exciting news that their child has been selected for a particular shoot, it’s the greatest part of being a booking agent!

Here are some of our junior models and their feedback from recent assignments they have been booked for:

“Thank you to Models Direct and all the crew for this amazing experience and being part of the film. I played the part of a posh boy and met loads of interesting people including Richard Banks who looked after me for two days while I was on set.” – Jake

“This lovely video feedback from our model Zane for his assignment filming a commercial for Pukka pads last week! On Wednesday I had my first assignment through Models Direct. We did 2 commercials for Pukka Pads. One was for a Pukka Fun Colouring Book where we used IPads to scan it and it would come to life and it was really cool. The second one was for this really cool putty and I had just an amazing time.” – Zane

“Raven  was really looking forward to this and absolutely loved the experience.
She said it made her feel very special and she can’t wait to do it again, her favorite part of the day was Posing on the Triumph motorcycle.
She was asked to sit and act as natural as possible as if she was having fun with her family and  helping her dad with the bike.
I believe she has come away  from this experience with a lot more confidence and understanding of the modeling world. This is something that she really wants to do and would recommend it for anyone else with an interest in this industry.
If I was to give advice to anyone I would say it is a lot of waiting around so if u want to do something like this be prepared for that, act confident, be helpful and follow instructions.
We have been updating our e-portfolio and changing photos around so there is always something different.
Raven has always loved the camera, has always been bubbly and loved being in the lime light so Joining Models Direct was a good move for her.” – Raven