Born beautiful – the magical world of baby modelling

When it comes to making us smile, there’s no-one that can do it quite like a baby!

Baby modelling is big business, not just when it comes to promoting products and clothing for our bouncy bundles of joy but in all sorts of areas too. Because of the effect a smiling baby face has on most of us, babies are used in an array of advertising and promotional campaigns, from insurance to banking and hygiene to travel.

Baby models form part of family groups and appear in children’s commercial assignments, as well as in campaigns aimed at new parents and mums and dads to be.

Little ones taking part in modelling through Models Direct not only enjoy the experience and exposure to different people and environments, but for some of them it can be the beginning of a long and exciting relationship with modelling.

Many parents also relish the choice to try something different – and you can just imagine their pride and joy when they see their baby’s face smiling out at them from a campaign image.

Here are some examples of the modelling work completed by some of our babies, together with what their parents had to say about the experience.

Vickie took part in a television programme. Her mum said:

“Vickie had great days during the five days shooting for the Welsh TV series Gwaith Cartref. I was a little bit worried she would not settle well in the new environment, but everyone was so nice to her. She was given enough time to relax, snack and rest. I’m so happy to see she made so many new friends on site and very much enjoyed her time in front of the camera and being cuddled by different people. This was definitely a great experience for us, and I have already recommended Models Direct to my friends.”

Little Ellison took part in a shoot for Tesco. This is what his mum had to say afterwards:

“Ellison is only eight months old so couldn’t say it in his own words, but I could tell he had a really good day. The actors and director were really nice with him and got through all scenes needed. This was a first for Ellison and myself, but the whole day was enjoyable and seeing him being a good boy while filming made me smile. Ellison had to be a teething toddler in an internal training video for Tesco that gave examples of how to and how not to deal with customer service in a pharmacy setting. This assignment has given me confidence that Ellison interacts extremely well with other actors and models and is still happy no matter what the situation. It was a fun day out and gave me a sense of pride and also a nice little bit of money for his savings account for when he’s older.”

Cute Caprice has taken part in a range of different photo shoots. This is what her mum said after her latest one for Next:

“She definitely wasn’t nervous this time and got really stuck into the tasks…The assignment involved her posing in a number of outfits supplied by Next from their Autumn Winter Collection. Caprice has definitely gained a lot of self-confidence since her very first shoot when she was very little, and the more she does them the more you can see her growing into a proper little lady!  I would most definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of signing their child up with Models Direct to do so as they gain experience and confidence from the assignments. And you can look back on all the previous shoots they have done and feel so much pride over what they have achieved.”

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