Beauty On Set: Exploring Skincare and Make-Up

Skincare and make-up are beauty disciplines that most of us blend into our daily routine. There are so many beauty products geared towards women, men, teenagers, children and babies nowadays that we are really spoilt for choice. The sheer amount of face and body products can be overwhelming, in fact, but luckily having a look around and reading reviews can help you make the right decision for your skin type.

When it comes to advertising and marketing these products, we might assume that a flawless-looking facial model will always be the face of these campaigns. However, this is not necessarily true. Why? Because clients are calling for everyday people who consumers can connect with. Not everyone has perfect skin despite what we might be led to believe with Snapchat filters and other apps that make us look out of this world – this is the reality. And to be honest, it’s refreshing to see people who flaunt their natural look despite their blemishes, spots or dark circles. What is usually more noticeable to ourselves isn’t to others. 

Models Direct are always encouraging anyone interested in modelling to come forward and join our team. We don’t scrutinise the condition of your skin or anything else for that matter even if you want to become a facial model. We’re an open modelling agency happy to welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, size, ethnicity and culture as we believe that being a model should be a liberating profession, not limited (by this we mean, conforming to all the runway modelling requirements – size 0, tall and photogenic.)    

If you’re reading this blog and wondering whether you could make it as a facial model, despite whatever flaws you think you may have, believe us when we say that we want you to apply – today, right now! We are open to so many modelling categories that you will find yourself suited to one market, two or maybe more than two!

Once you’ve been called for an assignment, you’ll have a make-up artist present on set taking care of your skin and hair for the duration of the job. You won’t need to worry about anything after that, just to enjoy the out-of-the-box experience and focus on the job.

Follow our leading models 

We love to share our facial model’s stories with our readers to give you an idea about what they have to share about us and their experience. First up is Neri. Our wonderful feature model works weekly with Ideal World promoting a variety of their goods, often beauty related products. She has been a part of our Models Direct family for some time now and has only good words to share about her time with us. Despite how busy she has been, Neri has written an inspiring blog about how she got into modelling with us and the interesting jobs she has done so far.

Next is our fabulous model Santiago who was on set here with Aviva and a make-up artist making him camera-ready and set for his modelling assignment. He was the perfect model for the campaign and Aviva were certainly happy with their choice. 

Finally, we’ve got Chloe who was on set for a modelling assignment with an Instagram behind the scenes action shot. She did really well promoting skincare on her assignment showing her winning smile. 

Beauty on set is important when it comes to facial modelling because it is all about the skin. Having a good skincare regime at home is a great way to ensure that you use the best products suited to your skin type to help keep it conditioned and looking its best. When you get booked for your next facial modelling assignment, you’ll feel confident and ready for the lights, camera and action!