Body Parts Modelling: Showcase Your Special Features on Camera

Normally what comes to mind when we think of body parts modelling are perfect looking hands, legs and feet being flaunted and captured for the camera. Yes, they’re very popularly requested body parts that are used as part of advertising products and marketing services such as skincare and body products, makeup and cosmetics, medicinal products and so on. But did you know that you could apply to become a body parts model yourself? No? We thought so! Read on to find out more!

It’s not just about hands and feet

Let’s get to the crunch. There are LOTS of other areas of the body that clients request for when booking in body parts models. Arms, shoulders, ears, noses, teeth, lips and stomachs make it on the list of body parts that are called for by our clients – there’s such a big demand and Models Direct have many body parts models on our books and always welcome new models interested in joining us.

The wonderful aspect about this type of modelling is that it can lead to bigger projects and open doors to other avenues in the modelling industry such as teen modelling, petite modelling, big and tall modelling, mature modelling and well, check out all the other types of modelling our agency caters for on our site. 

Even having a captivating face is helpful too. On the contrary, sometimes companies are just looking out for real people who are appealable to the masses whom the population can relate to and make a connection with. So it might be time for you to ignore that model look you have in your mind as it isn’t always what’s needed and isn’t always what works for campaigns. Keeping it real is what it’s about! 

Guys, we’re reaching out to you too!

Men are just as much a part of this category of modelling, just like any of the others so for any guys out there reading this, you too can become a body parts model. You might want to showcase your toned upper body or arms, legs, feet, or whatever you feel is your shining body part. 

Body parts modelling is just as thrilling and interesting as any other type of modelling category. While most of the assignments will be photographic or film-based, models may also snap up the odd live exhibition for promotional work making this career more out-of-the-box and fun.

Perfection isn’t key

What’s more this modelling category doesn’t always entail having the youngest looking hands, slimmest legs and perfectly formed toes and proportionate feet, it can be as diverse as the client requests for depending on what is needed for their specific campaign. So don’t worry if you’re thinking that this interesting niche in the modelling world isn’t for you.

Be confident and give it a shot by sending Models Direct clear images of the body parts you’d like to showcase. Don’t procrastinate, just go for it and see where your application takes you. Our online form is so easy to fill out so go ahead and join our hub of models by sharing your details. Our team will be in touch to discuss all the details with you and help you begin your body parts modelling journey.