Petite Models

The most valuable products are often the smallest – and this applies to models too!

Gone are the times where models were above-average height, famed for their long legs. As the industry progresses to acknowledge diversity, it now encompasses almost every kind of model, with opportunities for petite models as widespread as they’ve ever been.

Petite models are generally not considered “short”. The term is most commonly applied to models (and actors) who simply aren’t as tall as the perceived industry standard. Yes, it’s true that many male models are 6 feet + tall and female models are frequently above the 5’7’’ bracket, but modelling is not concerned with pigeonholing individuals. Variety is the key. 

Never be tempted to think that because you’re petite you have no chance of success as a model. At Models Direct, we’re champions at looking for potential candidates in many categories, and we place petite models as some of the most important to us and the industry. We’re always looking for both professional and aspiring individuals for this specific genre, so whether you’re a female or male who thinks you’ve got what it takes to succeed, we’d  love to hear from you.

How do you know if you’re a petite model? Simply measure yourself – if you’re a female between 5’0’’ and 5’5’’ or a male clocking in between 5’2’’ and 5’7’’ in height, you could be halfway to having desirable credentials. 

Plenty of high street shops have developed their lines and are always developing their brands. Clothes for slighter builds have blossomed in the past few years, keeping up with the demand. Scan through a catalogue or observe your local high street; the prominence of items such as “skinny jeans” or tight-fitting knitwear will be obvious. 

So how can you stand out from the crowd? To give yourself the best chance of making it as a petite model, you need to focus on the fact that clients are specifically looking for models of your height. Yes, petite models can even appear on catwalks. Sure, they are more at home in photo shoots and featuring in adverts, but keep an open mind. The broader you think, the more you’ll create opportunities. If you have any queries about the type of work available, speak to an expert: speak to us!

Petite male modelling is on the up. Have the belief that being petite is a desirable quality: the industry needs you! Also, brush up on distinguishing features like make-up, complexion, hair and physicality; a toned upper body is a massive plus point models.  

Be aware that many people appear taller than they are on screen and in print. Many celebrities are classed as petite, and their career hasn’t suffered because of their height. Famously, Tom Cruise is 5’7’’, whilst Dustin Hoffman is a modest 5’6’’. Several famous female models also clock in at under five and a half feet. We’re not saying you’ll be as illustrious as them, but it certainly gives hope to petite models wanting to break into the business.

Now is your time to shine. Please provide a headshot and fill out our simple application form, and we’ll have a look at what you can offer. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!