Top Tips for Halloween

It is that witching time of year again – and what better excuse is there to start dressing up and having fun with make up!

Child and adult models alike often have a passion for trying on different outfits and putting together creative looks – and so now is the chance to really indulge themselves.

Buying Halloween costumes can be costly, especially for youngsters who grow so quickly and therefore only really get one chance to wear an outfit.

So why not have a go at making something at home?

 Here are a few of our outfit ideas and top tips for makeup:

Be eye-catching

Adults and children alike can do some fabulous things with the eyes at Halloween. Painting extra eyes on to the face always has a scary effect. One option is to ask someone with a steady hand to create extra eyes on your lids. This has the desired effect of making everyone jump when you close your eyes. Make sure you apply primer underneath and use a setting spray afterwards. This should prevent smudging when the eyes are open. This look can be made even more terrifying by drawing an extra eye of exactly the same size and style directly below each real eye. When the eyes are shut, it will look as if you have four eyes.

Go sparkly

Those who don’t want to get too ghoulish this Halloween should have some fun with some sparkles. Give yourself or your child gorgeous sparkly eyes by covering the upper lid with glitter make up or even sequins. Take it out beyond the eye to make a star shape and then put a few more sequins, stick-on shiny stars or glitter patches on to the cheek bones and forehead. Youngsters might like to team this up with a mermaid, fairy or dancer’s outfit. For grown-ups, think sparkly circus trapeze act, with a leotard, glitzy tights and satin skirt over the top, or Strictly Come Dancing if you have time to stitch more sequins on to an old pair of tracksuit bottoms or leggings.

Make an extra mouth

This is a look that can be played with in so many ways and always looks amazing at Halloween. The trick is to create an extra mouth on top of your own that looks as if it is revealing teeth even when the mouth is shut. Boys and men might like to try an evil, Joker-style clown or perhaps a bony skeleton mouth. Girls, a witchy look, with green teeth can be super scary at Halloween. For an additional fear factor, try luminous makeup.

Scary bed head

This is a look that is easily achieved at home. Layer up your clothes underneath (especially if you plan to go trick or treating) then put your PJs, dressing gown and slippers on over the top. Then back comb your hair and perhaps help it stay up with a little gel or mousse. This look works quite well as it is, but anyone who wants to enhance it further could always add another layer of terror by covering the face with white paint and painting the lips and eye-lids black.

Get ghostly

We all know the trick of putting an old sheet over your head and cutting holes in it for eyes to make a great ghost outfit, but here’s a tip to take this simple look a little further. Keep the eye holes in the sheet as small as you can (still allowing you to see out!) and then put sunglasses or a pair of old glasses frames on top. Put a colourful hat or wig on your head and a pair of brightly coloured rubber washing up gloves on your hands, which you then stick out from the sides of the sheet. Crazy, comical and completely unique for Halloween!