Models Direct’s junior model India says; “Amazing, Incredible – Words can’t describe!”

Being asked to spend the day exploring new interactive games on an Ipad is what most kids dream of…….

That’s just what the Models Direct team asked our junior models Zane, India and Jacob to do when they were successfully selected to feature in the new commercial for Pukka Pads!

The final commercial is now live and the Models Direct team couldn’t be more excited for the models that took part in such an exciting opportunity – here is what they had to say about their first filming experience!

“Hi Models Direct, it’s India. Thank you so much for picking me for the photoshoot. Meeting new people has been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed it so much. It’s been the most spectacular, special day ever. The thought of being chosen again and going through the whole experience again has just been spectacular. Amazing. Incredible . Words can’t describe. Thank you.” – India

”On Wednesday I had my first assignment through Models Direct, and we did two commercials for Pukka pads, one was for this Pukka fun colouring book, where we used Ipads to scan it and it came to life, it was really cool and the second one was for this really cool putty and i had just an amazing time!” – Zane