“Thanks so much Models Direct!”

Models Direct represent female models of all shapes, sizes and looks. Our clients have a ceaseless demand for female models from all different modelling categories.

Here are just a few of our female models who have recently been successfully promoted for work with Models Direct – hear what they have to say about their assignment experiences!


“Hello. I’m Shobha. I’d like to tell you about a really good experience I’ve had with Models Direct. I had all the information, on time from Marie. I was able to attend the venue. The client was quite happy I wore a hearing aid, no difficulty with that. I really gelled with the other models from Models Direct and the client appear really satisfied at the end of the day. It was really gratifying.”


“Hi. I had a great day to day at the photoshoot. It was great to work with the company again. I had such a great time, everyone was friendly and welcoming. Thanks Models Direct for a great and fantastic day. Thank you.”

My name is Evie Clark and recently I took part in a Leso digital health photoshoot in Cambridge. There were five of us all together posing as students. We had many individual shots done in several outfits and many group photos. Apart from it being a horrible day outside, I had great fun in the studio. The other models were incredibly friendly and although we were a bit nervous at first we soon settled into working in front of the camera. The photographer was incredibly nice and made me feel very comfortable.


“I had a lot of fun on this assignment and would love to do something like it again soon. I got to know a couple of the other models I worked with and I think it is a great way to meet lots of different types of people. Being a musical theatre student, it was good practice to be in front of the camera as we have to get Headshots done which can feel very unnatural but I find this practice will help me.

Even though it was a very early start from Colchester to reach the 10am photo shoot, it was totally worth it and I had a great day. I hope to see some of the shots from the shoot soon!”


“Hey. So today I did an assignment with Models Direct and it was brilliant, I couldn’t ask for anything better. The people there were so loving and kind. The photographer was just amazing at bringing out the best in us. It was such an experience. I would highly recommend anyone doing this. Thanks so much Models Direct, I appreciate it.”


“Hi Models Direct. It’s Nicki here again. I’m letting you know of my model assignment that was arranged with Models Direct. The client I worked for was Invacare, a brilliant company. I was the wheelchair model which was successful and we hope for the publication to appear sometime in the summer which I can’t wait. They’ve had me on their books for quite a while and finally I was able to work for them. Thanks to Models Direct, another great booking and I hope to do more work in the meantime. Thank you.”