Pets promote products puurrrrfectly

Who doesn’t love animals? Even if you don’t own a pet most of us love being around them and wanting to learn more about them in our inquisitive way as humans. Movies are based on them – most recently, A Christmas Gift from Bob through to snacks like Cadbury’s Animals, Freddo and Kellogg’s Coco Pops. It’s no wonder that they are used in advertising and marketing as well, just like their human counterparts. In fact, animals bring a breath of fresh air to ads that would otherwise be a total bore.

A furry animal caught my eye

One afternoon during our first lockdown, I noticed an incredibly simplistic but memorable ad on my TV. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of amazing, out of this world marketing during the pandemic that caught my attention. This ad was the AA’s latest one that had Tukker the dog whacking on the living room fan and having the airflow through his fur like a summer’s drive with the hood top down. The message was a success! With the initial lockdown measures easing, motorists were reminded about the freedom they have on the road. Personally, I loved the message and the catchy tune which I had heard before a few years back – ‘Drinkee’ by Sofi Tukker (but this was the instrumental version). It made me want to jump into my car and go for that long-overdue drive, even if it only meant doing a U-turn in my close. What’s more, I’m with the AA already, so I connected with the advert immediately. Still- had I not been – I would’ve definitely been clicking away to find out more.

The power of animals being used as part of marketing campaigns is continually being unlocked by leading brands and companies who are reaping the successes. 

Our dedicated Star Pets category

This is where Models Direct, our long-standing, experienced modelling agency, comes in. We have a roarsome star pets modelling category which means we put forward pets for modelling assignments all the time. Our animals range from cuddly and furry to slithery, scaled species covering a wide range of animals and breeds – the variety is limitless, no matter how big or small your creature is, we keep them in our books.

Animals can be used for photoshoots, commercials, promotional work, catwalks, radio and on set for films, programmes and music videos.

We’ve got some great blogs that you can check out and get your paws into. Our star pets are leading the modelling industry in a furry, scaly and fluffy way despite the turbulent times we’re facing. 

We love all pets – purrlicious or pawlicious

Models Direct recognise the value and importance of showcasing animals in the advertising world which is why we have our star pets section available to prospective animals and existing pet models. They are always in demand so we’d love to hear from you – whether it’s a bark, squeak or a meow – contact our expert team today.