Mental health – how to keep your mind healthy

The subject of mental health is as relevant now as it’s ever been.

When once there was a stigma attached to mental health, now it’s a theme that can be discussed frankly.

Understanding someone’s state of mind is complicated. After all, the brain is the most complex of organs, and it can be affected by almost anything. Our social climate may dictate how we feel; certainly most of us have been through the wringer with the uncertainty of the pandemic. There wasn’t a day that went by without a news item relating to Covid, and it sometimes seems like we’re constantly being bombarded with news flash after news flash.

What’s most important is trying to put things into perspective – and not bottling up any ominous feelings. Communication is key, even though it might not appear to be the right course of action.

Mental wellbeing is hard to define, as we’re all different. However, perhaps the best way to pin down a definition is “how well someone copes with daily life”. On the flip side, that can be the tricky aspect of mental health, because someone who seems like they’re coping well really isn’t.

In these busy and unpredictable times, it can be difficult to maintain sound mental health. Nevertheless, help is always available, whether it’s from friends, family, colleagues or other professionals. Here’s a Models Direct list showcasing some tips to keep your mental health on track:

1. Stay active! In darker times, it’s tempting to stay at home, but in reality staying active is a genuine tonic to counteract negative thoughts. Whether it’s increasing exercise or simply “being out and about” for a couple of hours per day, any form of exercise will be beneficial.

2. Watch your alcohol and caffeine intake. Mind altering substances consumed over long periods are best avoided.  

3. Sleep well. If you’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, look to change your habits. Consider going to bed earlier or changing rooms to increase comfort. Make sure the temperature of your room is optimal for increasing your twenty winks to forty winks!

4. Look forward to being in the present. Try to get rid of the past, and live in the present. Look forward to each day with fresh optimism. Put to the back of your mind the times you’ve fallen, and feel proud of how many times you’ve got back up!

5. Do something for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish now and again. We’re sure you’ve helped other people, so do something that makes you happy.

6. Engage in positivity. Being around close friends (or anyone with a positive outlook on life) is a great way of preserving your solid mental health. Positivity is often infectious, and can rub off on other people.

7. Talk. It shows real strength to open up and talk about your emotions. Those around you won’t judge, and real friends will actively encourage you to chat to them.

8. Limit media coverage. We all need to know what’s going on in the world, but absorbing endless pieces of bad news in the press and on social media can be nothing short of demoralising. Try to distance yourself more from the media. Why not pick up a good book, or watch your favourite film? And if you’re not in the mood for these, pick up the phone and meet up with a friend!

Good mental health doesn’t necessarily mean someone should be happy all the time. However, small tweaks in your life can have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Openness and honesty can open doors to a more solid state of mind, so please don’t keep your emotions locked up.

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Stay healthy, folks, and have faith that there will be better days ahead. At the time of writing, the sun’s out, and summer is nearly with us. That alone is something to be happy about.