Why Do I Need An Agent?

If you’re a model who has asked the same question, you’ve come to the right place! Why? Because we’ve been a top agency for three decades, having placed thousands of aspiring and established models in diverse, exciting assignments. Simply, it is what we do.

Self promotion is a way to get yourself seen by potential agencies, customers and clients. We love Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites, and its value is unquestionable. Would we recommend a model printing out flyers – smiling face and all – to be delivered unsolicited by hand? No, we wouldn’t, but we bet at least one model has done precisely that – almost out of desperation!

So, if self promotion can be achieved by just about anyone, why do models need an agent?

Firstly, think about these two facts:

1. Most film and TV actors have agents. Why? Because agents have the contacts and the business acumen to place their actors in the best suited roles, and at the best rates. Film producers know having a reputable agent means the actor believes in themselves, and is taking the industry seriously. 

2. Have you written a book (or indeed intend to write one)? The majority of publishers insist on their authors being represented by agents, who’ll only accept writers on their books because of their potential. Agents know publishers, and publishers know good agents. Authors “going alone” are excluded by most publishers, who do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. If an agent approaches a publisher unsolicited, the publisher is likely to have a look at the author’s work, because the agent has already verified the author’s talent. Whether or not the author secures a publishing contract is immaterial – the publisher saw the author’s work because of the agent.

Let’s convert film stars and authors to models, and highlight specifically the value of joining a decent agency like us, point by point. What can we offer a model?

1. First things first – all our models are assigned a personal Models Direct booking agent. When you sign up with us, we’re available during office hours for informal chats and general advice. If you find yourself in the lovely Norfolk area, come in and have a brew!

2. Every one of our clients are verified for your safety – something that is pretty much impossible to achieve without an agent. We recommend chaperones to anyone who feels the need for them.

3. Speaking of our clients, they are some of the biggest names around, and we receive a payment from them before models embark on assignments. This means Models Direct models are guaranteed payment within 5 working days – no waiting around worrying why they haven’t got back to you!

4. We have the capacity to promote models all over the UK and abroad. We love generating opportunities for all kinds of models in just about any location clients require them in! We’re not limited to local regions, like several other agents. The world can be your oyster!

5. We can offer 30 years’ experience in the modelling industry – a reason in itself to have an agent!

6. Our booking agents dynamically source assignments for our models, as opposed to your photo and details just sitting on a desktop (laptop or wooden desk!). Our agents are proactive, enthusiastic and dedicated!

If you want to be seen by the right people, an agent is the best person to actively promote you. Contact us to see what we can do for you, and we’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve got. You might surprise yourself – and us!