New opportunities for child models

The world of modelling encompasses all ages from newborn through to seniors, and child modelling is a category in this booming industry that is always in demand. Children aged 2 to 12 are always being called for assignments, and how do we know this? Well, being one of the UK’s top modelling agencies our Models Direct team have an extensive hub of clients who do exactly this – call for children to be part of their marketing campaign or advert. We have insider knowledge with a team of experts who know the modelling industry so well – 30 years of experience with thousands of models being booked through us and used by our clients. 

If you’re thinking of broadening your child’s horizons and adding to their experience of life, modelling really could be the next step in getting them out there, meeting new friends and soaking in new opportunities. With the many out of school activities that are available to children, you can bet that modelling is an unusual, out-of-the-box experience that many would be thrilled to be a part of. 

Now if you’re wondering where your child could be placed in the industry, let’s just say that they could fit into a plethora of industries to perfectly project client’s requirements. Local businesses to leading international brands approach our agency calling for child models. From the health and beauty industry to the medical arena through to the education industry, children are employed as models for photoshoots, filming and promotional work too.        

What qualities does your child need to make it as a model?


Having a bubbly personality helps, and if your child enjoys being in front of a camera and surrounded by new faces, then being a model will be right up their street. Their confidence and spark will translate on camera too making them become sought-after child models!

Following direction

Clients will want a marketing campaign to be presented in a particular way, and if your child is happy to follow directions and instructions, then this will help make the project run more smoothly. 

Staying focused 

Child models who are focused on the modelling assignment help with the productivity of the job. However, it can be challenging for younger models to stay focused, and clients are aware of this so will make provisions accordingly such as extra time, food arrangements and possibly even snooze arrangements. 

It’s feedback time 

We’ve got some wonderful feedback from our child models and their families which we’ll let you take a sneak peek of right here:


Brilliant communication and organisation, big thanks to Molly who made everything really clear and easy. The whole morning was great and it was made fun for the kids too Big thumbs up from us.


This is the first time i’ve modelled for Model Direct and I really enjoyed it I had so much fun both working and having fun!!The crew that was with me today was very friendly and patient and offered a lot of help when things were difficult. They spoke to us kindly and didn’t boss us around and shout at us but they explained nicely. I met a lot of new friends and I hope to work with them again soon.


“Beau had a fantastic day yesterday shooting promotional shots for a footwear brand. The day was very well organised and we knew exactly where we needed to be to start the shoot and also additional locations we would be visiting. Models Direct were very clear on instructions, going through everything on the phone then following up via email. Charlie answered all the questions we had about the shoot in a very comprehensive manner and also called us the day after to check everything went okay and to discuss next steps. We can’t wait for the next opportunity, thank you xx”

Family Bakshi

“My family’s first experience with Models Direct was smooth & thoroughly enjoyable. My 2 young sons were chosen to do 2 days of shooting for a BBC series shot in the city. The communication beforehand was efficient and thorough and the whole team on the day were extremely kind & cooperative… a treasured experience, my boys loved it! Can’t wait to do more!”

Work with Models Direct

If you are interested in getting your child, a family member or yourself ahead of the modelling crowd, then get in touch with our supportive and collaborative team today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss any modelling potential!