Brands…we want to hear from you

This year should be a memorable one for everyone involved in the modelling industry. A lot of brands have taken an unavoidable hit due to the pandemic, so they’ll be itching to return to normality. That means slipping back into the working routine, enjoying what their brand can bring to the country’s customer base, and devising their most effective marketing campaigns.

At Models Direct, we want every reliable brand to succeed. When it comes to marketing campaigns, there won’t be many brands that haven’t used models at some stage. The reason being…well, they are pretty much the most useful tools in a campaign, easily identifiable by an audience.   

Our clients regularly book models with us for their upcoming campaigns, whether it be photo shoots, films or commercial adverts. Preparation is often the key, and with this year set to benefit from fewer working restrictions, now really is the time to plan ahead and see which models we can offer you – the brand – to make your campaigns as striking as possible.

Our booking team has worked wonders during the past months – after all, commercial modelling has been in a strong position and was largely unaffected by Covid. Though still busy, we love hearing from new brands with the foresight to look for real models as part of their marketing budgets. If that “new brand” is you (or if you know a company searching for outstanding commercial models), all you need to know at this stage are the following three points:

1. We are the UK’s largest commercial modelling agency.

2. We place models against a client’s instructions, giving clients the best-fit models to choose from (and it’s the client’s choice, too!)

3. Our models range from 2-80 years old, are both genders, and they are keen to work with all types of clients.

We expect a large shift in business in 2022. As a nation, are we totally confident in restoring the economy back to its stable state? Maybe not 100% (we have to be realistic), but we are excited for a return (of sorts) to winning ways. Brands should have the same mind-set: an increase in brand awareness, more customers, increased sales and profits.

We’ve been placing models with some of the best brands out there for three decades…and we’re pretty good at knowing which models would suit our clients. It comes with practice and knowledge of the industry. That’s why hundreds of brands choose us as their no.1 commercial modelling agency to gain the most exposure for their campaigns.

Here is a smidgen of the feedback we receive from grateful brands:

We want to hear from brands who know what they want, and how to achieve their marketing potential. That potential is often realised by approaching Models Direct in the first instance. After the initial contact, it’s plain sailing from securing the model you need, to the end of their assignment.

We know which of our models excel at photo shoots, and which are particularly fond of filming. Knowing our models benefits the brands that put their faith in us to put forward the best models for their requirements. Now all you have to do is put forward your modelling requirements, and we’ll do the rest.    

Our team at Models Direct look forward to hearing from you – and to sharing a successful relationship!