“Share Something Amazing”

Promotional Assignments

IVF awareness

Promotional Assignments can really vary and may not be the first type of assignment that springs to mind when joining an agency, however they can be super fun, inspiring and great for socializing too!

We recently participated in a large promotional assignment for The Fertility Partnership helping them in the launch of their awareness and recruitment campaign.

We supplied 15 women in 5 cities around the UK, Chelmsford, Nottingham, Oxford, Glasgow and Southampton to hand out beautifully created balloons to members of the general public to help create awareness of this cause.

“There is something beautiful about balloons and what they represent. They are celebratory, and generous. We are brought up giving them out at birthday parties and other events. But there is also something organic about them, too. The way they move, their shape.

To start debate and dialogue around egg donation, artist Stuart Semple has created a new installation using giant balloons. As part of the event, he’s going to be giving away a limited number of these valuable balloons to members of the public. And we’re going to be asking them to give their balloon away to a total stranger, to experience what it’s like to share something precious. Something amazing. We hope the event will encourage women to consider becoming an egg donor herself. To pick up that spirit and help change another woman’s life.” – The Fertility Partnership

We had some amazing feedback from the women that took part, here are a couple for you to see…..

“When I first received information about my assignment I was a little bit worried as I didn’t know anything about fertility treatment, fertility clinics based here in UK or elsewhere, let alone anything that is connected with egg donation.
There was no reason for my worries, because everything was explained, people that I ended up working were very interesting and their knowledge was on top, the day flew by, because I was intrigued and in that way it helped a lot with passing the information on to public. Being a mom myself I loved the idea of helping families that struggle in creating miracle of their life’s. The cause of this assignment was incredibly sincere!

It is never too late to try something new. It is never too late to achieve your dreams.  I signed up with Models Direct for that specific reason and today I can truly say it definitely pays off.  Do it! You never know what awaits you 🙂  – Aina Sutka

“I had a wonderful time being an actor for a fertility company.  It was great fun, met some wonderful people and would gladly do it again. The most enjoyable part of the day was getting a beautiful photo taken with a gorgeous little girl. We gave her a balloon and she was just over the moon!

We were directed to stop passers by and give them a balloon, this balloon was only 1 out of 1000 with a Stuart Semple artwork on it and each are worth £350.  We would give these to a passer by and then get them to pass it on, the idea being just like when you donate your eggs, you are giving away something precious and amazing.

It was a great experience and will be a good thing for my portfolio.

I decided to join Models Direct as my mum told me to get into acting/modelling. It has taken 6 months to get my first job, and I am hoping now with my foot in the door, I will get lots more work.” – Chloe Smith

A huge thank you to all the ladies who took part, we have loved hearing your feedback and so pleased you were able to help in raising the awareness of such a worth while cause.

At Models Direct we represent men, women and children nationwide, so if you have a campaign you are looking to launch or create awareness of your brand, please contact our Assignments team to discuss it further! Or complete this form www.modelsdirect.com/model-hire